Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Buddy Bat has a... Female Bat Friend


According to five minutes of research on the interwebs, there's no word for a female bat. There's no word for a male bat. They're just "male bats" and "female bats." So much for a clever post title.

Anyway, there's a cute article about Jeremy Sharfe in today's CJ. He's Buddy Bat at the Bats games and at around 90 other appearences each year. And a teacher. And a musician. And boyfriend. Bats are, you know, notoriously high strung.

You know Mama and her thing for mascots... Was disappointed that Buddy was off the market. (Mind out of gutter, fair reader. It's a harmless giggly fascination not a full blown fetish.)

And even though the weather sure doesn't feel like it, don't forget that the Bats home opener is just two days away. And the Reds just sent our Homer Bailey back home to us, and he's probable to pitch. (Bad news for Homer = good news for Bats fans. Sorry dude.)

Play Ball!

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