Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thunder Plus

I'm going to admit to having mixed feelings about Thunder Over Louisville.

Maybe not really "mixed."

Maybe saying I have "mixed" feelings about Thunder is just my fancy way of saying, "I have some issues with Thunder Over Louisville, and I really wish my progressive, exciting, adopted hometown would find a less macho, more eco-friendly, less 'Lee Greenwood Patriotismy' way of celebrating Derby."

There. I said it.

That being said, what the heck are you going to do on Thunder Day? Go to a movie? Right.

But the way I see it, if you're going to do Thunder, you might as get a little more bang for your buck than just watching fuel-wasting, air-polluting, manifestations of military might zip around in the sky to 80's tunes. I mean, some of it is fun but...

...And before you slag me for being an unpatriotic buzzkill... I take issue with the unpatriotic part, thank you very much!

There are at least two great options out there to make the most of your Thunder Day:

Actors Theater is once again having their Rooftop Bash, which takes place on the top floor of Actors' parking garage and features music by Dangerbird, Arnette Hollow, and Whistle Peak. You can't ask for "better seats" for all the Thunder mayhem. The hoopla starts at 2pm and the admission price includes parking, restroom access, and entertainment. Food will be available for purchase. Ticket prices are $40 for adults if you're a member of Actors (which you should be) and $60. Kids ages 3-12 are $10 and the wee-est ones are free. To purchase tickets call the Actors Theatre box office at 584-1205.

Option #2, our fair Bats have a game against Indy that day at 215pm, and according to their website, you can "enjoy the heart-pounding pyrotechnic explosion of Thunder Over Louisville fireworks show at Louisville Slugger Field! With the purchase of a game ticket you will be able to view all the excitement of Thunder Over Louisville, including the air show, from your great seats at Louisville Slugger Field!"

So there you have it, kids. You can have some great music with your BOOM! or some great baseball with your BOOM! I haven't made my choice yet; I just hope we have some great weather with our BOOM!

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