Friday, April 24, 2009

Louisville Love from Garden & Gun

Lou has already established that her favorite magazine is the quirky and gorgeous Garden & Gun. This month's edition features lots of love for Derby City including an article called "Time to Go to Louisville" by Pableaux Johnson.

I'm not 100% sure what Johnson's story is-- although I think I did know it at one time but have since forgotten it... damned chemo brain-- but I know he's the food editor of the CJ, and he's a fellow New Orleans exile. NOLA exile = insta-buddy with Mama.

Anyway, the article lists out some of the "bests" of Louisville and, while much of the list is on the tony side for this Loueyvillager, I approve of most of it. Glad to see nods to WhyLouisville, Scout, Toast, and the Makery (all stuff Lou can afford). Still puzzled as to why every "Best Of" list includes dive bars like the Nach Bar and the Mag Bar...
(Johnson sez: "Universally known as the Mag Bar, this neighborhood dive has a street rep as Old Louisville’s wood-paneled punk bar and home of a damned solid Lebowski-esque White Russian (depends on the barkeep). Nice touch: a centerpiece portrait of J. Edgar Hoover with fishnet-clad crossed mannequin legs.")

....and no list ever includes our favorite dive bar (with the best White Russians in town), The Back Door.

Also in this issue, an article about Bourbon Old Fashioneds including a recipe from 610 Magnolia, an Old Louisville restaurant that also made Johnson's list.

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