Saturday, April 18, 2009

More On the Mayor's Outstanding Seniors

The Courier-Journal published the bios of the students honored at Thursday night's awards ceremony.

Seriously, Loueyvillagers, I realized today that I am not quite the cynical, hard-hearted, bitch that I sometimes think I am. (yet) Here's why:

(1) The fraking Susan Boyle story makes me cry. If you don't know who she is, watch this. Who is the pretty blond judge on Britain's Got Talent?? Watching her reaction to Boyle's singing KILLS me every time I watch it. (Yes, I've watched more than once.)

(2) I am currently reading a non-fiction book about a CAT. A cat that lives in a LIBRARY. In a small town in IOWA. Seriously?? Me?? Yeah, I'm reading it and loving it. What gives? (This book is DEWEY, by the way, and it was written by Loueyvillager Bret Witter, whom I'm going to try to interview after I'm done reading... sniffles... the book.)

(3) Read the bios of these kids... it's just not possible to be cynical when you hear about how damned awesome some of these kids are. (Yeah, I'm sure some of them are shits, but really...)

Happy Thunder Day! Hope those clouds hold off for the fireworks.

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