Friday, July 18, 2008

Design Star Fades

Sorry to those of you who've Tivoed but not watched yet...

A belated "buh-bye" to Ms. Tracee Dore. Seven hours shopping? Seriously? Girlfriend punched her own ticket with that move.

(A couple weeks ago, Roomie and I had lunch at Jennica's-- big yum!-- and I nearly tinkled myself when I saw that her store is RIGHT NEXT DOOR! Weenie that I am, I didn't pop in or anything. But still-- fun! I'm such a dork.)


He would have been 71.
Also, in Hunter S. news: Gonzo opens today at the Baxter. Unfortunately with The Dark Knight and Mama Mia also opening, well... I'm thinking that's where people's theater dollars will be spent this weekend.
Hey... on that poster, Hunter S. kinda looks like Lou!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quick Bits and Happy (Belated) Anniversary to Me!

My previous post was my 100th post AND unwittingly posted on my two year anniversary of my move to Our Fair Ville. (Leave it to me to have my 100th post and my anniversary post be a somewhat snarky one... ).

A few quick newsy bits that have fallen through the cracks while I've been laid up.

First of all, the US Conference of Mayors named Loueyville the "most livable" large city in the US! Huge deal. Big news. And well deserved.

Secondly, next weekend is Lebowski Fest, easily the city's coolest counter-culture landmark event. Unfortunately, this Lou will most likely be out of town for the event, but even if I didn't consider myself an Achiever, I'd still want to hit this particular Fest because it will feature a guest appearance by Duff "Ace of Cakes" Goldman and one of his custom cakes. (Believe me, when you're laid up for more than a month, a whole world of TV opens up to you-- Ace of Cakes on Food Network kicks ass. It's like that motorcycle show for food geeks.)
Anyway, stay tuned, Friends of This Lou. I know I'm just dribbling posts at this point, but hopefully as my health evens out, so will my output.
BTW: I have a new goal-- the bloggers at the Ville Voice were named the best in Louisville in this month's issue of Louisville Magazine. I'll never be as current events-y as they are, and Rick and Jake ARE quite good... but some day (let's give it two years) that title will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine. :)