Friday, July 18, 2008

Design Star Fades

Sorry to those of you who've Tivoed but not watched yet...

A belated "buh-bye" to Ms. Tracee Dore. Seven hours shopping? Seriously? Girlfriend punched her own ticket with that move.

(A couple weeks ago, Roomie and I had lunch at Jennica's-- big yum!-- and I nearly tinkled myself when I saw that her store is RIGHT NEXT DOOR! Weenie that I am, I didn't pop in or anything. But still-- fun! I'm such a dork.)


Anonymous said...

Traceeeeeeee was so annoying to watch. Someone should follow-up with her and see if the show helped or hurt her business. Something tells me if her business was hurt she'd never admit it or blame it on someone else.

Anonymous said...

Thanks...but my business is doing just fine. Actually wonderful. Thanks for all positive words.

Anonymous said...

oh...and Mr. Loueyville- I'd love to meet and talk sometime. Probably not at Jennicas now since they r out of business. you can reach me thru my website at
I know you'd love to hear about all the local and national things that are going on with me right now.
Talk soon...I hope!
Tracee Dore