Thursday, April 30, 2009

This = Mama Showing Her Age

I haven't blogged shite about Derby Festival mostly because I've been disappointed with the line up. Not a country fan at all, unless you count old school like Willie and Johnny and Dwight. (Same can be said for this year's State Fair line up-- if you aren't a country fan or an American Idol fan, you're SOL). But today, Roommate got all buggery with me wanting to know how Loueyville, superfan of all that is Louisville, didn't know that Everclear was playing Derby Festival.

I didn't know that Everclear-- c'mon, you know you love "I will buy you a new life" at the very least, right?-- was playing Derby Festival because I don't know who the heck Gavin DeGraw is. And Everclear is OPENING for Gavin DeGraw. Gavin DeWho???

I feel old and out of touch, and because I feel old and out of touch, I will refrain from googling said Gavin DeGraw and just say that I thought he was a country artist. But Everclear wouldn't open for country. I will allow myself to wonder. But I will do my best to get to the show. "Santa Monica" is such a great song.

Oh, Thinkin' About Our Younger Years...

I know all y’all are probably pretty psyched for the Ben Sollee concert at the Kentucky Center on May 8.

(Sigh, Lou, why haven’t you bought tickets for that? You know you love Ben. And you know it’s likely they will sell out or are already sold out. You’re all talk-y, talk-y; no do-y, do-y.)

Sorry, I had to have a little chat with myself.

Anyway, Ben Sollee aside, there’s all kinds of good stuff coming up at the Kentucky Center. And that good stuff includes Bryan Adams, my friends. Yes, I said it. Bryan. Fricking. Adams. On May 7. Bryan Adams was one of Lou’s very first concerts. (VERY first concert: Eddie. Fricking. Money). Estranged Cousin dragged Lou to a Hooters/Bryan Adams concert back in the day. The Hooters, by the way, rocked, and so did Bryan Adams, although back then I was way too cool to admit that I liked the concert a lot.

I’m not a Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang sorta chick, but the KC’s got that going on May 5-10; I don’t know if I’ve ‘fessed up to this before, but I don’t really like musicals. That being said, I may have to check out Spring Awakening in June, mostly because I think the guy in the promo photo looks like Lyle Lovett, and I’m dying to see if he can pull off that hair.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Awesome Pickup Line Potential Alert for April 30

April 30 is National Poem in Your Pocket day. The Academy of American Poets, in honor of the end of National Poetry Month, asks that we consider printing or writing out our very favoritest poem and tucking it in our pockets tomorrow. In theory, we’re supposed to find other folks with poems in THEIR pockets and share. Not exactly easy to do unless you’re in a closed environment, like my workplace, for example, where I’ve been bugging my colleagues to participate for weeks.

That being said, it’s awesome icebreaker potential for Derby Eve: So, I noticed you from across the crowded bar, and I thought to myself—he looks like a literarily minded guy, I bet HE has a poem in his pocket for Poem in Your Pocket Day. Do you have a poem in your pocket you’d be willing to share with me?

Or, of course, there’s always: “Is that a poem in your pocket…?”

In Lou’s pocket tomorrow: “Paradiso” by Kenneth Koch. Koch, one of the New York School Poets, was a college professor and mentor of mine. Published this in the New Yorker either just before he died or immediately posthumously. He taught me that I was kind of a shitty poet. I’m grateful for that.

Added: It's Derby Eve Eve or Oaks Eve, really.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Watch Troy Live: Local Drummer to Attempt Record Breaking Marathon

Thanks to Matt at Derby City Espresso for highlighting this on his Facebook page. A Louisvillager, currently stationed in Kuwait, will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for an individual drumming marathon. Troy Slocum will try to drum for 125 hours in honor of Louisville Slugger's 125th anniversary, and you can watch him live-- starting in just seven hours-- on his website.

Troy "started off learning percussion playing with street musicians at local art and music festivals, taking several road trips to play bucket drums at Mardi Gras, Hooka Fest, All Good Fest, Bonnaroo Fest and New York City subway stations, and further molding his talent with lessons from teachers at Mom's Music and Flying Hands of Kentucky."

Check out the website for the live streaming and for all the rules and regulations that Guinness imposes. Drum, Troy, drum!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night Randomness

Thoughts and blather...
  • Wow, the whole Pitino extortion story gets all Weekly World News-ish weird. Okay, maybe not THAT weird, but still wicked weird. The allegation is here.
  • I have a big ol' Portuguese family, so the odds were pretty good that more than one of us would put our gift for useless but uber-nerdy knowledge to use in a blog. I'm pretty proud of my baby cousin MOVIEBOB, though. He's been nominated for at least one super geeky award. (Although big cousin Lou just surpassed him by two on her Google reader subscriptions-- take that, geekchild!) Check him out. He kind of rocks.
  • City Block is closing. The only concert I've ever felt compelled to attend there was Hanson. And I didn't. But, come on... "Mmmm Bop" makes you smile, doesn't it? Smile big and perky? I need to go download that right now.
  • The tix for the Holy Trinity at Slugger Field are a whopping $69.50. If you've been thinking about asking Lou out for a date but have just been too shy or too nervous, now's the time. Yes, I'll go to see Dylan/Willie/Mellencamp with you. And I'll even buy the hot dogs... if you'll just snag us a couple of tickets.
  • Big Mama Lou is visiting for the weekend, and as I dropped her off at the Residence Inn (where I lived in Ike-delivered exile for nearly six months... it was actually awfully nice to see the place, especially the front desk crew, again) I was happy to see that Market Street from DCE to Baxter was hopping. Big Mama and I will be hitting the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair tomorrow in this absolutely blissed-inducing weather.
Hope the weather induces bliss in you as well this weekend.

Louisville Love from Garden & Gun

Lou has already established that her favorite magazine is the quirky and gorgeous Garden & Gun. This month's edition features lots of love for Derby City including an article called "Time to Go to Louisville" by Pableaux Johnson.

I'm not 100% sure what Johnson's story is-- although I think I did know it at one time but have since forgotten it... damned chemo brain-- but I know he's the food editor of the CJ, and he's a fellow New Orleans exile. NOLA exile = insta-buddy with Mama.

Anyway, the article lists out some of the "bests" of Louisville and, while much of the list is on the tony side for this Loueyvillager, I approve of most of it. Glad to see nods to WhyLouisville, Scout, Toast, and the Makery (all stuff Lou can afford). Still puzzled as to why every "Best Of" list includes dive bars like the Nach Bar and the Mag Bar...
(Johnson sez: "Universally known as the Mag Bar, this neighborhood dive has a street rep as Old Louisville’s wood-paneled punk bar and home of a damned solid Lebowski-esque White Russian (depends on the barkeep). Nice touch: a centerpiece portrait of J. Edgar Hoover with fishnet-clad crossed mannequin legs.")

....and no list ever includes our favorite dive bar (with the best White Russians in town), The Back Door.

Also in this issue, an article about Bourbon Old Fashioneds including a recipe from 610 Magnolia, an Old Louisville restaurant that also made Johnson's list.

Village 8: 2009 Louisville Gay and Lesbian Film Series

As if Apex Theaters don’t bring enough art films to Louisville (actually, I could stand for a few more, really), this June the Village 8 will present the Louisville Gay and Lesbian Film Series.

Editorial remark: You know what stinks? That because these eight films are about the LBGT community it pretty much guarantees that they’re “art films.” I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry?? Major movie studio. Tru Loved, the story of a 16 year old who is … “uprooted by her lesbian moms from her comfortable gay-friendly home in San Francisco and moved to a conservative, suburban community in Southern California”? Art film. Ok, maybe that’s a bad choice—that would be an art film even if her folks were straight. But you catch my drift.

Much more peppy editorial remark: You know who I love? I love Tom Cavanaugh—Ed formerly of the underrated tv show “Ed.” I just do. He’s in a movie called Breakfast with Scot. I’m so going to see that.

Check out the line up. Two movies every week for a month. Good stuff.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holy Trinity, Bats man!!

Wow. That's an awful title.

But I'm giddy beyond belief at the announcement of the summer concert at the Louisville Bats' Slugger Field:




July 8. Tickets on sale on May 9.

Pinch me!

Now, seeing that this is a betting city, anyone want to take bets as to how fast this concert will sell out? (crosses fingers, mutters a little prayer: Please, please don't let me forget.... )

Randomness: Art Jobs Available

I don’t usually repost other folks’ whole blog posts, but in light of the economy, I thought I’d share two job openings posted on LEO’s FatLip news blog:

The Kentucky Arts Council ( has two open positions: Arts Education Program Director and Arts Access Program Director. These positions should be available for application on the personnel website by Friday, May 1. For more information, contact Katie Hamilton at or (502) 564-3757, ext. 470.

The ZOOM Group is seeking a Studio Arts Manager. The non-profit organization helps adults with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities. Must be a practicing artist and familiar with various types of art media including paint, digital arts, ceramic, fiber art and other 2-D and 3-D art. For more information, go to or call 581-0658 ext. 16

Monday, April 20, 2009

Beer Festival at Flanagan's

Sunday, June 7 from 2-5pm meet reps from 40 craft brewers, each brewer will be pouring 1-3 beers! Tickets go on sale via email to subscribers on 4/27 and to the general public on 4/29.

To subscribe: email

PS. Roommate says that Flanagan's has the best-looking bartenders in Little Dublin. Especially Rebecca. This = a good chance to check them out.

Bunz? Please tell me that's just a cute name.

I am all for a good burger place, although Flanagan's and Monkey Wrench have that in the bag. I'm just hoping that Bunz isn't some kind of Hooters knockoff.

What do you think?

Holy Cow! It's Waterfront Wednesday Week!


Cut to: a thirty-mumble year old woman doing a version of “the happy dance” that you have never seen before and that you never want to see.

How do these things creep up on me like this? That’s nuts! I need a Google Calendar that’s hardwired into my brain, so when I hear dates of stuff I want to remember, it just automatically downloads the event into the calendar. That’s not creepy AT ALL. Waterfront Wednesday is one of my very favoritest things about Loueyville.

Never heard of any of the folks in the lineup, but that’s not the point at all. Sea breezes (okay, river breezes), sunshine, beer, everybody you know, and live music. It doesn’t get much better. Weather Channel says it will be eh. But loads better than today.

Hm. WFPK’s website appears to be down, but their email has the info you need (I think WWs usually start around 6p).

Excitement is in the's almost time for another season of Waterfront Wednesday! Join us for the first show this Wednesday, April 22nd on the Harbor Lawn in Waterfront Park. The show is free and will feature WFPK favorite Todd Snider, Extra Golden and Tony Furtado.

We Will Not Let Our Fame Go to Our Heads.

… although there’s plenty o’ room in this noggin.

My Twitterfeed (go figure) was listed in’s “22 Online Resources to Keep Tabs on Louisville’s Cultural Events.” I guess I’m going to have to tone down the bs-y chit-chat about Susan Boyle and long nights drinking at the Back Door and step it up a bit.

Nah. Probably not going to happen.

By the way, follow me on twitter to be regaled with stories, some snark (although I try to keep that down), my love of Mythbusters and all things dorky and NPR-y, and yes, cultural events.

My twitter handle is : Loueyville

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thunder from my back yard

My first attempt at posting video on the website. Not exactly the best footage-- attempt #4 at getting some of the good boomers from the backyard. But I do love my new FlipVideo camera. Though, sheesh... it takes forever to load onto Blogger. I'll have to remember that. Mama's taking a couple of really awesome road trips this summer, hence the investment in a no-brainer video camera.

More On the Mayor's Outstanding Seniors

The Courier-Journal published the bios of the students honored at Thursday night's awards ceremony.

Seriously, Loueyvillagers, I realized today that I am not quite the cynical, hard-hearted, bitch that I sometimes think I am. (yet) Here's why:

(1) The fraking Susan Boyle story makes me cry. If you don't know who she is, watch this. Who is the pretty blond judge on Britain's Got Talent?? Watching her reaction to Boyle's singing KILLS me every time I watch it. (Yes, I've watched more than once.)

(2) I am currently reading a non-fiction book about a CAT. A cat that lives in a LIBRARY. In a small town in IOWA. Seriously?? Me?? Yeah, I'm reading it and loving it. What gives? (This book is DEWEY, by the way, and it was written by Loueyvillager Bret Witter, whom I'm going to try to interview after I'm done reading... sniffles... the book.)

(3) Read the bios of these kids... it's just not possible to be cynical when you hear about how damned awesome some of these kids are. (Yeah, I'm sure some of them are shits, but really...)

Happy Thunder Day! Hope those clouds hold off for the fireworks.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Brownings to Reopen?

Heartbroken though I am that Browning's was shuttered for most of the time I lived at the ResInn, less than two blocks away from Slugger Field, I am super happy to report that it looks like Browning's will re-open by the end of May.

Got an email from Chef Anoosh:

Two weeks until the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby and you are STILL looking for a place to celebrate? Let Chef Anoosh Shariat create a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests. Even though he is not opening Browning's to the public until later this May, the space that was formerly known as Park Place and Browning's, 401 E. Main Street, will be available for private events, including Oaks and Derby parties.
Let Chef Anoosh customize a menu for you this Derby season.

Trivia Night Fundraiser @ Gilda's Club 4/17

Kids Acting Against Cancer (KAAC) has been doing good stuff in the local cancer community for several years now. Tomorrow night they're raising funds for the battle against childhood cancer with a trivia night at Gilda's. It starts at 7pm, and its $10 for students and $20 for adults. Food, fun, and trivia. All y'all (myself included) who enjoy the various pub quizzes in the 'hood should check it out.

633 Baxter Avenue

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Kids are Alright, and We Will Be Too

Tonight I had the good fortune to attend Mayor Uncle Jerry's celebration for the Outstanding High School Seniors of 2009. The award celebrates students who may not be #1 in their class (although there were a fair number of valedictorians in attendance), but who otherwise distinguish themselves as being damned good kids, often through adversity or despite odds.

Around 50 kids, one from each area high school, were honored. There were teen moms with 4.0 averages. Young men who finished their sophomore year with a 1.0 GPA who now are tops in their class. Kids whose folks had died, whose folks had abandoned them, who raised younger siblings, yet still excelled in school. Older students, students with disabilities... stars, all of them.

And here's the thing: Uncle Mayor Jerry asked each kid where he or she was going to college, and around 80% were staying right here at home. Maybe as far away as Murray or UK or Moorehead, but 80% were staying in Kentucky. There was a Yale, an OSU, a Marquette, a USC, a couple Univ of Cincys and Toledos... But, those young moms with the 4.0s (there were at least 3)-- U of L or UK. The kid with the 3.8, president of his class, and quarterback? Bellarmine.

Every so often, I hear Loueyvillagers getting down on their town. Well, this should give you hope. The best and the brightest? A heckuva lot of them are sticking around. And, as guest speaker, Helen Mountjoy, the KY Secretary of Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, said by way of ribbing our Mayor For Life-- maybe, a long, long time from now one of these kids will run for mayor. But not for a long, long time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

... And All Was Right in The World: Quills Re-Opens

Mama has had a tough eleven months or so. A year ago next month, Lou was diagnosed with breast cancer. Four months later, a tree fell on her house, crushing half of it and forcing her to live in a hotel for five and a half months. And in between these two tragedies, Lou suffered another blow: the closing of her home-away-from home, Quills.

Breast cancer sucked, but Lou's doing just fine. The "new" rebuilt house is oodles prettier than the old house was. And now, Quills has reopened as of this past Saturday, bigger and better and more "Lou-ish" than before. Mama has come home. Hip hip hooray!

The New Quills is located next to Flanagan's Ale House on Bardstown and is open from 6a-11p, weekdays and 6a-midnight on weekends.

We missed you guys. Missed you something awful. There's no underestimating the power of that "third space" and its importance in some people's lives. I'm a coffeeshop nerd. Long live the coffee shop.

Bargain Cajun: $1 Entrees at J. Gumbo's Today & More Cheap Eats Starting Tomorrow

Seriously, why would you eat anywhere else today? You can barely make a decent PB&J sandwich for a buck. And I do love that they have a real Cajun chefing up the goods. Better still, the good deals don’t stop today. $3 bowls after 3pm M-F? Awesome.

Here’s the info from J Gumbo’s:

Whatever your lunch, snack or dinner plans are today, change them! For today only, J. Gumbo's is serving up our authentic big bowl Cajun entrées for just $1 a bowl. Stop by any of our Louisville locations to take us up on this special offer.

There will be special promotions all day long, chances to win concert tickets and t-shirts, and 790AM's Afternoon Underdogs will broadcast live from 3 to 5:30 pm at our
Central Station location.

Kick-Off to our Cajun Nation Economic Stimulus Plan
The current economic downturn has been hard on everyone. The banks are big wigs are getting a break, we think you deserve one too! Starting April 16, we'll be offering the following deals at all Louisville locations:

• $3 bowls after 3 PM Monday through Friday (with purchase of beverage)
• Cajun Pride T-Shirt Weekends - wear a J. Gumbo's t-shirt and get your meal for half price.
• Discounts for students, seniors, active military and first responders.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reminder: Tori Murden McClure & Bob Edwards Tonight at the KC

I was lucky enough to see Tori Murden McClure speak this morning, and she’s totally engaging and funny and, of course, fearless.  I can’t wait to see her chat with my crush, Bob Edwards. (BTW: According to his Facebook posts, he’s single again.  … Bob… call me.)


Here are the details from the old post. 

7pm Kentucky Center. 

Buy her book, a portion of the proceeds of tonight’s book sale help to buy a new skiff for her alma mater’s crew team. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Help Wanted: Loueyville Needs YOU!

One of Mama's goals for the summer is to revamp Make her prettier. Offer a little more content more consistently. Little stuff. But she cannot do it alone. And as ain't a money-making venture-- I will say, for the record, that the blog has helped my social life quite a bit, though-- Lou has to do this on the cheap. Or on the free. Or on the barter, if need be.

Here are the three big goals:

(1) It's time that Loueyville had a logo. A big girl logo. And Mama has nothing in the way of design chops. And Mama has nothing in the way of a bank account to hire some fancy pants designer to create a logo. Do you dabble in design? Want to try your hand at whipping something up? email lou at and I'll let you know what I'm looking for. If I use your design, of course I will credit you in a big, obvious way and give you undying and front-and-center props on the website. I'm also happy to chat about barter. I've got mad editorial skills (thought this site may not always bear witness to that fact) . In one of my many other lives I'm a freelance editor/copy editor. Have a thesis/documents/a website that needs editing? We'll work something out.

(2) Lou needs to figure out if blogger is the best platform for the website. I've had lots of people yell "WORDPRESS" at me, and maybe that's where I need to go. I'd like to have additional pages for the site to feature more permanent info-- more info on links, more pictures, etc. Suggestions? Again cheap or free. And super easy to use. I know bupkus about this stuff. Nada. Niente. Help a girl out and either comment here or email lou at with advice.

(3) If you've been reading ever since its inception as an actual website PLUS blog, you'll remember my original, cobbled-together logo read: "Welcome to, pop. 1. Have a Nice Day!" I've always enjoyed being that 1 in the population of this webworld. But even people who enjoy living in their own little world, as I do, have guests every once in a while. Consider this, then, your open call for guest posts. Wanna write something for Loueyville? Here are the basic guidelines.
  • Your post should celebrate something about the city. I know I'm not unfailingly positive. But you'll be my guest. Be on your best behavior.
  • Try not to tread too much on the toes of other local bloggers who are doing it RIGHT. Backseat Sandbar has the music thing down. Consuming Louisville is spot on for events and general city cheerleading. Page One and Ville Voice have politics (and scandal and snark) in the bag, etc....
  • I'm bad about posting reviews-- that's a good place for people to start. Once an event is over I tend to move on. I'd love to see some reviews in here.
  • I'm an English teacher. I'm happy to edit your posts... but... I'm an English teacher.
  • Email your proposed post to lou at I'll write you back regardless. If I opt to post your piece, I'll ask you for some bio info to include and let you know when your post will appear.
  • Sorry I can't offer any compensation save the pride of seeing your work in print. I don't make a dime with this. Labor of love, my Loueyvillagers. Labor of love.
  • Send your post or your idea for a post to lou at
Spread the word!

Pink at the Ponies

I know that this is somewhat old news, but as a breast cancer survivor, I'd be remiss to not spread the word. This year's Kentucky Oaks has become a full-fledged fundraiser for the fight against breast cancer. Partnered with both the Komen Foundation and First Lady Jane Beshear's Horses and Hope, Churchill is calling for a "Pink Out" at the Oaks this year. Like UofL games' Black Outs and White Outs, the Pink Out is a plea for all in attendance to wear pink to create a visual sea of pink in order to support breast cancer awareness.

According to the press release (Mama loves press releases):
  • For every Oaks attendee Churchill Downs will be donating $1 to research for a minimum donation of $100,000 and a maximum of $135,000.
  • In addition, Churchill Downs will be donating $1 of every Oaks Lily drink (the official drink of the Kentucky Oaks) to Horses & Hope, the breast cancer initiative of the Office of the First Lady and the Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP).
  • Purchase tickets through
  • Visit the Komen tent designated for all Komen supporters
  • Meet Nancy G. Brinker, Susan G. Komen founder at the tent; she will be there at 11:00 AM and will address the crowd at 11:30 AM
  • For more information, visit

Friday, April 10, 2009

NTDWL: Lou's so dope she doesn't have to say how dope she is...

Nothing to Do With Louisville...

Sometimes I just stumble across things that I feel MUST be immortalized in ye olde bloge. And this is one of those things.

Apparently, Kanye West got, well, South Parked by South Park last week re: his mammoth ego.

An excerpt from response on his blog (originally all in caps) (man, I didn't know that KW was such an avid blogger!):

"I actually have been working on my ego though. Having the crazy ego is played out at this point in my life and career ... I just want to be a doper person which starts with me not always telling people how dope I think I am."

Oh Kanye, I feel you. I've been trying to be a doper person for so very long.

Here's a link to the entire post. Happy Friday!

The CJ gets all Artsy

I haven’t had a chance to pick up today’s copy of the Courier Journal, but apparently it’s quite the big deal. It is, literally, a work of art.

Just yesterday, the folks on NPR were talking about the possible demise of the Boston Globe. The BOSTON FRAKING GLOBE!?!! Amazing. And today our CJ, rarely a paper to admire, does something remarkable. Check it out. Save it. It’s bound to be a collectable.

Here’s the article about the new artwithoutwalls public art initiative.

Today the CJ also gave some love to the InKY folks who are celebrating National Poetry Month with a “Poem in your Pocket” event tonight at 7pm at the Rud. (btw: the “official” Poem in Your Pocket Day is 4/30—I’ll share more on that later).

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I barely know what I'm doing tomorrow: Actors' 2009-10 Season Sneak Peek

How'd this fly under my radar? Actors has already revealed a sneak peek at its upcoming season, and it looks like good stuff. I'm just going to list the titles and give you the links so you can check out the descriptions yourselves.

  • Lookingglass Alice adapted from Lewis Carroll
  • Midsummers Night's Dream by Uncle Will
  • A Christmas Story based on the movie by Jean "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" Shepherd
  • Crime & Punishment based on Dostoevsky
  • Ella about Ella Fitzgerald
  • The Cherry Sisters
  • And of course the Humana Festival, Dracula, and A Christmas Carol.

A little light on the “new,” IMHO, but I guess Humana makes up for that. The Cherry Sisters sounds great. And I’m always up for some Shakey-baby and anything Alice in Wonderland.

Here’s the link to the sneak peek page:
Best thing about this announcement: You can purchase a 2009-10 membership at your CURRENT membership rate.

On the To Do List: Lou Loves Caves

Caves, caverns, whatever... A few years ago Roommate gave me a spelunking tour of Mammoth Caves for my birthday.  Loved it!  Loved all the little creepy holes, loved the getting dirty, the skinned knuckles, the aching bones for days afterwards....
"Did you know that Louisville Kentucky is home to one of the largest caverns in the United States?"

I didn't either! But two days ago the Louisville MEGA Cavern, located under the Louisville Zoo, opened and is now conducting 60-70 minute SUV-pulled tram tours.  According to the Cavern folks: "Currently we are only open M-F, 9 to 5 with the last tram going out at 4PM – but starting in June we will be open weekends too."
The brochure and website (still a little under construction) offer all kinds of fun facts.
  • Four Empire State Buildings would fit in the MEGA Cavern! 
  • There are 17 miles of corridors under the zoo! 
  • It never gets below or above 58 degrees down there! (Lou thinks: great mid-July activity). 
  • MEGA Cavern was the largest civil defense shelter during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • There's no walking involved, so it's great for seniors and folks with little kids.
  • They have a worm recycling/tasting room!
Uh, what was that last one???
Anyway, count me in.  I can't make the M-F thing, but once they're open on weekends or later than 5p, it's definitely a field trip for Mama.  Directions and pricing are on the website. 
phone: 877-614-MEGA
1841 Taylor Avenue

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Respectfuls, an Apology

Dear Respectful,
Greetings and best Regards.
Please I am contacting you for urgent help.
My name is Elvis Powell the only Child of late Chief Gilbert Powell who was a wealthy Cocoa Merchant based in Cote D'Ivoire. My Father was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outing on a business trip. My Mother died when I was only 3 years old.
Before the death of my father on 2005, he took me to a bank where he deposited the sum of US$5,300,000 (Five Million, Three Hundred Thousand Dollars). This money is in a Suspense Account.

Somehow ELVIS can contact me at "lou at"-- no problemo-- but it turns out that my spam filter has blocked plenty of emails from lovely, generous, or just genuinely beneign folks, unbeknownst to me.

My apologies. I'll try to straighten this out. In the meantime, I will check Ye Olde Spam Boxe more often. Please keep those comments, press releases, hot tips, and offers of marriage coming.

(What? You think that last one was spam too? Figures.)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thunder Plus

I'm going to admit to having mixed feelings about Thunder Over Louisville.

Maybe not really "mixed."

Maybe saying I have "mixed" feelings about Thunder is just my fancy way of saying, "I have some issues with Thunder Over Louisville, and I really wish my progressive, exciting, adopted hometown would find a less macho, more eco-friendly, less 'Lee Greenwood Patriotismy' way of celebrating Derby."

There. I said it.

That being said, what the heck are you going to do on Thunder Day? Go to a movie? Right.

But the way I see it, if you're going to do Thunder, you might as get a little more bang for your buck than just watching fuel-wasting, air-polluting, manifestations of military might zip around in the sky to 80's tunes. I mean, some of it is fun but...

...And before you slag me for being an unpatriotic buzzkill... I take issue with the unpatriotic part, thank you very much!

There are at least two great options out there to make the most of your Thunder Day:

Actors Theater is once again having their Rooftop Bash, which takes place on the top floor of Actors' parking garage and features music by Dangerbird, Arnette Hollow, and Whistle Peak. You can't ask for "better seats" for all the Thunder mayhem. The hoopla starts at 2pm and the admission price includes parking, restroom access, and entertainment. Food will be available for purchase. Ticket prices are $40 for adults if you're a member of Actors (which you should be) and $60. Kids ages 3-12 are $10 and the wee-est ones are free. To purchase tickets call the Actors Theatre box office at 584-1205.

Option #2, our fair Bats have a game against Indy that day at 215pm, and according to their website, you can "enjoy the heart-pounding pyrotechnic explosion of Thunder Over Louisville fireworks show at Louisville Slugger Field! With the purchase of a game ticket you will be able to view all the excitement of Thunder Over Louisville, including the air show, from your great seats at Louisville Slugger Field!"

So there you have it, kids. You can have some great music with your BOOM! or some great baseball with your BOOM! I haven't made my choice yet; I just hope we have some great weather with our BOOM!

Buddy Bat has a... Female Bat Friend


According to five minutes of research on the interwebs, there's no word for a female bat. There's no word for a male bat. They're just "male bats" and "female bats." So much for a clever post title.

Anyway, there's a cute article about Jeremy Sharfe in today's CJ. He's Buddy Bat at the Bats games and at around 90 other appearences each year. And a teacher. And a musician. And boyfriend. Bats are, you know, notoriously high strung.

You know Mama and her thing for mascots... Was disappointed that Buddy was off the market. (Mind out of gutter, fair reader. It's a harmless giggly fascination not a full blown fetish.)

And even though the weather sure doesn't feel like it, don't forget that the Bats home opener is just two days away. And the Reds just sent our Homer Bailey back home to us, and he's probable to pitch. (Bad news for Homer = good news for Bats fans. Sorry dude.)

Play Ball!