Friday, April 24, 2009

Village 8: 2009 Louisville Gay and Lesbian Film Series

As if Apex Theaters don’t bring enough art films to Louisville (actually, I could stand for a few more, really), this June the Village 8 will present the Louisville Gay and Lesbian Film Series.

Editorial remark: You know what stinks? That because these eight films are about the LBGT community it pretty much guarantees that they’re “art films.” I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry?? Major movie studio. Tru Loved, the story of a 16 year old who is … “uprooted by her lesbian moms from her comfortable gay-friendly home in San Francisco and moved to a conservative, suburban community in Southern California”? Art film. Ok, maybe that’s a bad choice—that would be an art film even if her folks were straight. But you catch my drift.

Much more peppy editorial remark: You know who I love? I love Tom Cavanaugh—Ed formerly of the underrated tv show “Ed.” I just do. He’s in a movie called Breakfast with Scot. I’m so going to see that.

Check out the line up. Two movies every week for a month. Good stuff.

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