Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hello, Hiatus: Off to Bonnaroo '09 and then Newfoundland, ho!

Well, Mama is mostly packed and ready to head out to her third consecutive Bonnaroo. I'll do my best to post from the festival-- probably more like glorified tweets than actual posts, seeing I'll be working on an iPod touch. But right after Bonnaroo, I take off for Newfoundland and Labrador, and while I'm there, I'm afraid will fall silent til sometime in July.

We'll miss you! But it's a much needed and-- if I do say so myself-- much deserved vacation!

In the meantime, enjoy the Flyover Film Fest, Better than Ezra at 4th Street, Superman at the midnight Baxter movies, and all the other lovely things your city has to offer you in June.

Looking forward to getting back in touch when I get home!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Maker's Mark at O'Shea's Family of Pubs

Here at Loueyville HQ, we love our bourbon. In fact, when weighing moving to Louisville, we put bourbon in the "pro" column of our pro/con list.

This week Roommate, who is becoming a regular ol' investigative reporter for (who can forget his crack correspondence with Magnolia Films?), got to the bottom... or well, the middle at least... of a Maker's Mark mystery.

We love our Maker's Mark. And last week we discovered that Flanagan's on Bardstown doesn't carry the bourbon. When we asked the bartender, we got a cryptic reply involving the Maker's Mark bar on Fourth Street Live.

Roommate took matters in his own hands and wrote the Maker's Mark folks: "
I discovered something disturbing the other night. Several bars along Bardstown Rd in Louisville, several of my favorite hangouts in my neighborhood, aren't serving Maker's Mark. The bartenders told me it had something to do with the Maker's Mark bar/restaurant on the embarrassing 4th St Live complex. Surely this can't be. And yet, several very busy bars (much busier than Maker's on 4th St) are not serving Maker's Mark at the moment."

While the MM folks did not confirm nor deny the rumor that the O'Shea's/Flanagan's folks refusal to carry the bourbon had anything to do with 4th street, Emily Reid, the Maker's Mark Ambassador Coordinator, did offer this response:

...Mr. O'Shea won't budge. At this point it's nothing personal, but he made up his mind not to serve Maker's - we extended the olive branch several times but you'll not find Maker's at Flannigan's, O'Shea's, or Brendan's in St Matthews. Good places to find it? Molly Malone's, Gerstle's and just about everywhere else :) FYI - Flannigan's has the best pizza in town. His ban on MM won't make me stop eating (or drinking) there ha ha!"

This doesn't clear up the mystery, exactly-- if you have a further scoop, send it along. But thanks to Roommate for following up on this rumor, and thanks to Ms. Reid for the scoop on Flanagan's pizza-- who knew? Would be nice to marry good bourbon with good pizza someday.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baxter Avenue Summer Midnight Movies

Just got back from seeing UP at Baxter Ave Theaters. Three out of the past four movies I've seen lately have been animated AND in 3-D. I'm still not 100% behind this whole 3-D thing; I hate the glasses. They itch behind my ears, and they fog up... when you cry.

UP is SAD, my people. SAD, sad, sad, very sad. The only thing sadder than sad old people are sad kids. UP has 'em both. Check and check.

I'm a s-u-c-k-e-r when it comes to sad kids' movies though.

I bawled in the middle of LILO and STITCH when Stitch is lost in the middle of the woods and lies down and cries, "I want my family!" in his wistful little hummy voice. At the beginning of the LION KING (surprisingly not when Dad bites it), I always, without fail, cry when they lift the baby Simba up and all the creatures bow. And I cried so hard during The MARCH OF THE PENGUINS that the little girl in front of me asked her mom if she thought "that lady was going to be okay."

Luckily, it looks like none of Baxter's Splodin' Summer Series of Midnight Movies are tear jerkers (because I get more weepy the more tired I am). Here's the schedule, kids:
  • June 13: Superman (1978)
  • June 27: Heavy Metal
  • July 4: Independence Day
  • July 11: Batman (1989)
  • August 8: Masters of the Universe
  • August 22: Grindhouse
  • August 29: North by Northwest
All great movies on the big screen-- none that get my knickers in a knot, though. Only Superman... and I'll be at Bonnaroo for that.

Just thought I'd share. A mediocre movie at midnight is better than no movie at midnight at all.