Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Maybe Something for the Blog..." A conversation with Magnolia Films, sorta

Roommate likes to write emails. You gotta love that in a guy. When stuff ticks him off or tickles his toes, he'll whip off an email in praise or protest. And sometimes this really works out for him. I remember when a ticked off letter to the Fox and Hound over in St. Matthews (something about their website offering specials that didn't exist) got him a $25 gift certificate from Fox and Hound HQ. (Which is, of course, shrewd on their part because that meant we had to go back, even though we have no dearth of pubs and faux pubs in our 'hood, and we spent probably close to twice that.)

Anyhoo, Roommate dumped this email exchange in my inbox with the subject header: "Maybe Something for the Blog... Magnolia likes to hit Louisville." With his permission, I relate this chucklefest here.

The background: Roommate had read something or heard something about the Swedish indie vampire horror flick called Let the Right One In being released on DVD. So he googled it and went to the film's website and saw that the only place it was playing in Kentucky was in Lexington. So he whipped off the following email to Magnolia Films:

You're kidding... you put this film in Lexington but not in Louisville? Baxter Eight Theatre or their sister theatre The Village would show this in a heartbeat. You picked the wrong town to premiere the film in this state, in my not so humble opinion.

Fifteen minutes later, he got the following response from Magnolia Films:

Come on dude, why front like that? LET THE RIGHT ONE IN opened at the Village back in December. Where were you then, dude? WHERE WAS ALL THIS ENTHUSIASM BACK THEN?

To which, Roommate responded:

I was in Australia for seven weeks. Sorry. Didn't know. Glad we got it first... and hope it did well.
shutting up now

To which Magnolia Films responded:

As a matter of course, all of Magnolia’s movies, from the best to the shittiest, play in Louisville, usually at the Village.

LTROI is out on DVD now – go buy one.

End of story. So let it be known, Loueyvillagers, that Magnolia Films digs our indie theaters. So, don't front like that and go buy the DVD already.

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