Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Colonel Sander-san Rises from the Deep

Image: A Colonel Sanders statue
I know there was all kinds of hoopla (or non-hoopla as it were) with PETA protesting (or not really protesting) a presentation by YUM brands to the GLI yesterday. And that's a story that's good for a giggle (even more giggle-worthy because I watched it unfold on Twitter).
But in my mind the REAL YUM-based news today is that the Japanese dragged a larger-than-life-sized statue of Colonel Sanders out of a river after 24 years.

And check it out... he's Asian!

I know that this may seem a very backwoodsy comment to make, but I didn't know that when the US exported mascots and such to other countries, they made them local-appropriate. Do they? Is Ronald McDonald black in Africa? (Couldn't find that on Google images) I'm looking at the KFC Japan website and the Colonel doesn't look like the dude they pulled out of the river-- he looks like the dude on the chicken buckets here.

I'm very confused. But intrigued. What companies alter their mascots for export? Anyone know?

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