Monday, March 30, 2009

Deja Vu Brew?

We've heard this before, gotten our hopes up, and then been disappointed. But the Ville Voice is saying that Slugger Field's Browning's Brewery may re-open under its original owner by Derby weekend.

I've heard umpteen different people share their distress that the Bats' opening day is a little more than a week away, but still Browning's remains shuttered. Everyone has a "brilliant" idea on how to reopen it: Open only on game days and special events; Open on all of the above plus weekend; Stay open later-- Browning's often closed before Bats games were over, weird movie.

Here's hoping Anoosh Shariat gets Browning's back in the game ASAP!

Speaking of restaurants

... any updates on Cafe Mimosa? Do they plan to reopen?

... which rumor has turned out to be true? Is Kaelin's remodeling or is it kaput?

... and RIP Karma Cafe. Me and my hangovers loved your omlettes.

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Heather said...

Speaking of restaurants, I hear there is a new one on Market, 732 Social by the kind folks who brought our fair city Basa, officially opened today I think.