Monday, March 16, 2009

C-A-R-D-S! #1 in the NCAA

(Mama is rushing to catch up on all the cool Louisville news over the past few days. Pardon her if these entries are sub-par. She's just trying to share all the things that have jazzed her lately. Hopefully better-quality reporting will return by the end of the week.)


C-A-R-D-S!!! Heck yeah.

Seriously, I was a Pitino/Cards fan before I moved to Louisville. Admittedly this was because I was in love with a dude who taught me to love the NCAA and who loved Pitino. (Frequent readers may recognize said dude as "Roommate." Life is complicated. Move on.)

But why is it that no one else is giving love to the Cards? I slogged through ESPN's two-hour Bracketology last night only to find that none of the ESPN personalities decided that the Cards would end up as the Tournament winners. And only half of the ESPN personalities put the 'Ville in the Final Four.

Only NBC has gotten behind U of L in the Big Dance. Check out their coverage here.

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