Monday, March 16, 2009

Bluegrass Hotel Dives?

Last December, I excitedly reported on next weekend's exciting Bluegrass Hotel Project fundraising concert. Last night, as I lollygagged around watching exciting TV programming like "Monster Fish of the Mekong" on the National Geographic Channel (can you tell I am so thrilled to be back in my house where my tv channel choices extend beyond nine sports chanels and the "Jon and Kate plus 8" Channel?), my Twitterfeed from Backseat Sandbar told me that the project had soured.

It's hard to tell what the real scoop is. Mama doesn't want to involve herself in the scandal. Suffice to say that some of the major acts have cancelled, including the headliner, Sam Bush and our local crush Ben Solee.

And it's gotten ugly. The official website opens with the news release entitled "Newgrass Stars Jilt Charity Fundraising Effort." Sam Bush's website features a notice called, "Concerning the 'Bluegrass Hotel' Concert.'"

We are sad about this. Truth be told, we may not run in the right circles, but we'd heard bupkus about this concert since December. So. Still. The show does go on. Just not as exciting as it once had promised to be.

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