Thursday, March 19, 2009

Damn. Seriously? Festival Showdown '09

I'll say it again, Loueyvillagers: Damn. Seriously?

I'd heard some chitter chatter on the interwebs that it looked like Lebowski Fest and Forecastle Fest were scheduled for the same weekend, but I discounted said assertion thinking, There's no way they're going to let that happen.

The two biggest most "Louisville rocks because..." events of the summer in the same weekend?

I disapprove.

That being said, the Forecastle folks are announcing their headliners next Thursday at 10am , and they sure are pumping the hoopla out of it ("Our biggest announcement in history!"). You can sign up to have the announcement sent to you early via mobile phone or email-- or at least you can in theory. I can't get the website ( to take my entry. I'll keep trying, and I'll keep you posted on Festival Showdown '09.