Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh, Thinkin' About Our Younger Years...

I know all y’all are probably pretty psyched for the Ben Sollee concert at the Kentucky Center on May 8.

(Sigh, Lou, why haven’t you bought tickets for that? You know you love Ben. And you know it’s likely they will sell out or are already sold out. You’re all talk-y, talk-y; no do-y, do-y.)

Sorry, I had to have a little chat with myself.

Anyway, Ben Sollee aside, there’s all kinds of good stuff coming up at the Kentucky Center. And that good stuff includes Bryan Adams, my friends. Yes, I said it. Bryan. Fricking. Adams. On May 7. Bryan Adams was one of Lou’s very first concerts. (VERY first concert: Eddie. Fricking. Money). Estranged Cousin dragged Lou to a Hooters/Bryan Adams concert back in the day. The Hooters, by the way, rocked, and so did Bryan Adams, although back then I was way too cool to admit that I liked the concert a lot.

I’m not a Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang sorta chick, but the KC’s got that going on May 5-10; I don’t know if I’ve ‘fessed up to this before, but I don’t really like musicals. That being said, I may have to check out Spring Awakening in June, mostly because I think the guy in the promo photo looks like Lyle Lovett, and I’m dying to see if he can pull off that hair.

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