Saturday, April 11, 2009

Help Wanted: Loueyville Needs YOU!

One of Mama's goals for the summer is to revamp Make her prettier. Offer a little more content more consistently. Little stuff. But she cannot do it alone. And as ain't a money-making venture-- I will say, for the record, that the blog has helped my social life quite a bit, though-- Lou has to do this on the cheap. Or on the free. Or on the barter, if need be.

Here are the three big goals:

(1) It's time that Loueyville had a logo. A big girl logo. And Mama has nothing in the way of design chops. And Mama has nothing in the way of a bank account to hire some fancy pants designer to create a logo. Do you dabble in design? Want to try your hand at whipping something up? email lou at and I'll let you know what I'm looking for. If I use your design, of course I will credit you in a big, obvious way and give you undying and front-and-center props on the website. I'm also happy to chat about barter. I've got mad editorial skills (thought this site may not always bear witness to that fact) . In one of my many other lives I'm a freelance editor/copy editor. Have a thesis/documents/a website that needs editing? We'll work something out.

(2) Lou needs to figure out if blogger is the best platform for the website. I've had lots of people yell "WORDPRESS" at me, and maybe that's where I need to go. I'd like to have additional pages for the site to feature more permanent info-- more info on links, more pictures, etc. Suggestions? Again cheap or free. And super easy to use. I know bupkus about this stuff. Nada. Niente. Help a girl out and either comment here or email lou at with advice.

(3) If you've been reading ever since its inception as an actual website PLUS blog, you'll remember my original, cobbled-together logo read: "Welcome to, pop. 1. Have a Nice Day!" I've always enjoyed being that 1 in the population of this webworld. But even people who enjoy living in their own little world, as I do, have guests every once in a while. Consider this, then, your open call for guest posts. Wanna write something for Loueyville? Here are the basic guidelines.
  • Your post should celebrate something about the city. I know I'm not unfailingly positive. But you'll be my guest. Be on your best behavior.
  • Try not to tread too much on the toes of other local bloggers who are doing it RIGHT. Backseat Sandbar has the music thing down. Consuming Louisville is spot on for events and general city cheerleading. Page One and Ville Voice have politics (and scandal and snark) in the bag, etc....
  • I'm bad about posting reviews-- that's a good place for people to start. Once an event is over I tend to move on. I'd love to see some reviews in here.
  • I'm an English teacher. I'm happy to edit your posts... but... I'm an English teacher.
  • Email your proposed post to lou at I'll write you back regardless. If I opt to post your piece, I'll ask you for some bio info to include and let you know when your post will appear.
  • Sorry I can't offer any compensation save the pride of seeing your work in print. I don't make a dime with this. Labor of love, my Loueyvillagers. Labor of love.
  • Send your post or your idea for a post to lou at
Spread the word!

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