Thursday, April 30, 2009

This = Mama Showing Her Age

I haven't blogged shite about Derby Festival mostly because I've been disappointed with the line up. Not a country fan at all, unless you count old school like Willie and Johnny and Dwight. (Same can be said for this year's State Fair line up-- if you aren't a country fan or an American Idol fan, you're SOL). But today, Roommate got all buggery with me wanting to know how Loueyville, superfan of all that is Louisville, didn't know that Everclear was playing Derby Festival.

I didn't know that Everclear-- c'mon, you know you love "I will buy you a new life" at the very least, right?-- was playing Derby Festival because I don't know who the heck Gavin DeGraw is. And Everclear is OPENING for Gavin DeGraw. Gavin DeWho???

I feel old and out of touch, and because I feel old and out of touch, I will refrain from googling said Gavin DeGraw and just say that I thought he was a country artist. But Everclear wouldn't open for country. I will allow myself to wonder. But I will do my best to get to the show. "Santa Monica" is such a great song.


Anonymous said...

everyone's so excited about gavin degraw. i don't even know who that is.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to stop listening to local radio (save 93.1) and tune into SIRIUS XM. You wouldn't know new and often good music otherwise, mostly. And I know Loueyville doesn't listen to near enough music anyway. Always people talking at her. Talk, talk, talk.

Lolo said...

I bet you anything you DO know DeGraw's song CHARIOT, Looey, since it was played about a bazillion and seven times a day a few years back.