Monday, March 5, 2012

Stress Shop Dunks! Who's in?

Normally I don't blog about national chains.  Heck, normally I try to shop/eat/drink/promote as local as possible. But lots of us New England Transplants of Louisville have been itching to get our hands on a nice fluffy Boston Cream from Dunkin' Donuts ever since we saw that Louisville was finally getting (or re-getting, it turns out, as per Suzi's post on the Northeasterner blog) a stand-alone shop.

And soon we shall, friends... soon we shall.  And some of you may be able to get your hands on those Boston Creams a little early!

The local developer, Tasha, is interested in putting together a team of Loueyville readers to be "stress shoppers" on March 19 before the grand opening.  The way it works: you get a coupon for free food or drinks (you have to order a certain thing) and put the staff through the paces.  The staff gets practice. You get free food and drinks.

The new shop is located in the parking lot of the MidCity Mall, dangerously close to Casa Lou. The grand opening is scheduled for March 20.

You in?

I'll have more information soon, re: times etc. But if you're interested and want to be included in the event,  either email me at, leave a note at the bottom of this post, or DM me on Twitter.


megabiteslouisville said...

love me some blueberry doughnuts. now can we get a wawa here too? :D

sharyn said...

I'd love to help! As a Massachusetts native, I feel I have the DD experience to really make a difference here. :-)

EricaThomas said...

This is exciting. I never understood the fascinatation with DD until I moved to Boston. Now, when I leave the airport to visit KY, I always make a "last stop" there! And then when I get back, I smile when I see it!

I'll be back in Louisville for a visit that week, but not until later- so I'll miss the sneak peak training opportunity, but I'll definitely stop by!

Steph said...

Does Mid-Atlantic count? I grew up with Dunkin' in DC/MD. While KK is fine for the glazed, they're nothing compared to the variety of options at Dunkin'. Plus ... Munchkins? I remember having a Munchkin Club Card when I was little -- one of those rippled things where you got a free munchkin on each visit. LOVED it.

Let me know if they still need help!