Monday, February 27, 2012

Humana Festival 36: Locals Week March 1 - 11 #hf36

I know I throw around the hyperbolic "most wonderful time of the year" a lot. And mostly, I mean it. One of the great things about living in Louisville is that you have a "most wonderful time of the year" for all your varied tastes and interests. IdeaFestival. Bats Season. Some of you may fancy Derby Season...

But really, it doesn't get much better than Humana Festival. Last week I was able to attend the Humana Festival preview at the Loose Tie Happier Hour; the preview featured the Apprentice/Intern Company performing 3-5 minute snippets from all of the Humana Festival plays. If I hadn't already been hooked... it would've hooked me. What a range of subjects, moods, and settings!

If I were to bet on the plays I am going to enjoy the most, my money would be on (italic descriptions are from the Actors website:

A) MICHAEL VON SIEBENBURG MELTS THROUGH THE FLOORBOARDS (Greg Kotis)--Meet Baron Michael von Siebenburg: a 500-year-old Austrian bachelor living in an American city, whose secret of eternal youth involves endless first dates and a special meat tenderizer. But when his landlady gets suspicious and the ghost of a medieval comrade commands him to take Constantinople back from the Turks, Michael finds himself haunted by past and present. A hilariously dark comedy about the rigors of vampiric immortality. The snippet that we saw was pretty Monty Python-y.  And... what's not to love about that.  The particular interns who performed this piece were so good, I can't help but wish they were the actual actors for the play.  Kotis is a member of the Neo-Futurists and also wrote the acclaimed URINETOWN.

B) THE VERI**ON PLAY (Lisa Kron)-- When Jenni called customer service, all she wanted was to fix a minor problem with her cell phone bill. Instead she was sucked into a vortex of unimaginable horror. Now she wants revenge—or to get her cell phone service turned back on. Part thriller, part screwball comedy, part inspired by events that have undoubtedly happened to YOU.  I love screwball comedies, and the scene we saw at the preview was a delicious send-up of customer service departments and group therapy sessions, two pet peeves of mine... so this is bound to be good. If I am remembering correctly, Kron is not only the author but she is also set to star (correct me if I'm wrong, theatre types). I get to see this one in a few days... psyched!

Check out the entire line-up here.

If you're a local-- and by golly, I bet you are if you're reading this-- we are lucky ducks when it comes to Humana Festival.  Locals' Week is March 1 - 11, and locals can purchase a pass to see SIX of the Humana Festival plays for just $99.  See the website for more details.  Remember though, this deal is only good for those ten days, so start blocking off your evenings now.

Don't forget, there are also discounts for industry professionals and students. Lots of different package options.

As always, this Lou will keep you informed about the "can't miss" shows for Humana Festival 36.  Watch the blog and follow me on Twitter @loueyville. I'm so excited, I'm already giggly about it.

As the Doctor would say, "GERONIMO!"

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