Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the Big Game

I've discovered these past few weeks that, for me, college basketball is a really social thing. Roommate has been out of town for almost all of the NCAA tournament, and I just can't seem to muster the will to watch a game alone.  Or more accurately... to watch a game without him. I won't go so far as to say it would feel like "cheating" to watch a game with others-- it wouldn't, and I'd be happy to hit up BWW's with some other friends. But the thought of doing so does kind of make me miss him more than I already do. (Everybody, all together now: "Awwwww.")

That being said, I am pretty much "on the bench" for the Dream Game 2 or Battle of the Bluegrass or what-have-you. My Meatspace Workplace job has me running a high school prom that night at 9pm. So even if I could find a viewing party to crash (and I have a feeling that wouldn't be a problem), there would be no beers involved for Lou, and that's kind of unacceptable.

Not really sure where that leaves me for Saturday's game, but honestly... some of this asinine rival hysteria is getting to be a real turn-off, in general.

I was a Cards fan before I moved to Louisville because Roommate really loved Pitino, and he made me read one of Pitino's inspirational book (either that or the book was in his bathroom in Knoxville when I briefly lived there with him, and I ended up reading it on my own; I forget which). I'm less of a Pitino fan now since he had sex with That Woman, not because I think it's any of my (our, your) business what he does with his sex life but because there was so much that was just so downright sleazy about the whole situation that I really have a problem looking at him without cringing.

But the fact that I am a Cards fan had no influence over my reaction to seeing Zanzabar's Facebook post about hosting "U of L fans only" on Saturday night.  I thought it seemed like a totally reasonable idea.  This IS Louisville. It IS pretty close to campus. And when they said that they did it because they didn't want fighting, I never once thought that this was Zbar wagging their finger at "dangerous" UK fans. U of L fans can be knuckleheads too. And just a little while ago, we had a bar right here in town called Big Blue Country-- not exactly laying out the welcome mat for Cards fans.

Well, the hoo-hah that descended upon the poor Zbar on their Facebook page? Oh sweet mother of Crumb. Ugly. Vicious. And ignorant as all get-out.

I was going to go into the controversy  in greater detail, but it looks like the illustrious Kenny Bloggins has already taken on this issue.  I urge you to check out his take down of the "OCCUPY ZANZABALLS" movement spawned by this business decision.  A business decision that has been reversed.

And settle the hell down, basketball fans!

Zanzabar is my favorite place to see live music.  Their food is awesome. Fabulous beer selection. And best of all: TATER TOTS!! I'm totally looking forward to seeing Diego Garcia there again in a couple of weeks (April 14). I am sending the folks at Zbar my very best wishes for a NOT STUPID game day. I really hope that all this shizz is a bunch of online troll bluster. And I hope all this bluster doesn't scare people away from a great venue to watch the game. Godspeed, Zanzabarers!

And geez Louise, people.  All this ridiculousness, as I said, is a huge turn-off.  Instead of feeling psyched about all the attention our city has been getting from the sports world, I'm starting to feel like I wish the spotlight didn't shine so bright.  Because right now it's highlighting a lot of the idiots.

I know that this doesn't mean much coming from someone who could still be considered an "outsider." I know it hasn't happened since 1983. I know it's super duper exciting. But can our fan groups not beat up on each other quite so viciously?? -- especially not so damned publicly??  It makes the rest of us look bad.

Seriously, super fans. What do you think this city is? A dialysis clinic?

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