Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Patrick Wensink @ INKY on 3/9

Local writer Patrick Wensink (whom we love for many reasons even though we've never met him, not the least of which is that he and his wife named his recently-born son Walter... best. name. ever. [also my grandfather's name]) is having a book-release celebration at the INKY reading series at the Bardown this Friday, March 9.  From the press release for  BROKEN PIANO FOR PRESIDENT:

Ernest Hemingway lied and you know it. 

Back in 1933 or something, Hemingway said he’d give up elk hunting and scotch to pen a novel that weaved together a hero who’s more productive drunk than sober, the world’s worst rock band and a hamburger more addictive than meth.

Sadly, we all know how that quest ended. However, Papa’s failure is the world’s gain, finally, as Patrick Wensink has picked up this monumental boulder and rolled it up a hill called, BROKEN PIANO FOR PRESIDENT. Wensink’s second novel, BROKEN PIANO FOR PRESIDENT, kicks Hemingway’s empty promises in the ribs with a gift for Pynchonesque narration and dry humor. 

As the story’s hero, Deshler Dean, begins unraveling this other, more productive life as a drunk, rival restaurants begin a bidding war for his talents, angry vegans threaten his life and enough alcohol is consumed to give an elephant cirrhosis.

Wensink, also a member of Project Improv, proved to be an awesome interview for an article I wrote for The Louisville Paper.  I've had an electronic ARC of this book for months and I feel like a heel for not having read it yet.  But I've been just so... whoa, busy.  But based on the short stuff I have read by Wensink, the critical acclaim he's gotten seems very deserved, including a passionate comparison to Christopher Moore levied by a critic.  

According to Wensink, there is a drinking game associated with his reading, so... well, come on now, sounds like a great night, right? The INKY reading starts at 630p, Wensink will probably be on closer to 730p or 8p. 

Unfortunately, yours truly will most likely have to miss out.... wisdom teeth being yanked that same day.  Big huge sigh.  Wishing Patrick and the other readers/performers, Nicole Louise Reid and Joan Shelley, a great night too

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