Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday Randomness!!

If you're like me, this weekend is really only about one thing: THE HUNGER GAMES. Really, I haven't this HARRY POTTER-level excited since the last HP book came out.  Yes, book not movie.  I never got all that psyched for the movies... although I did see a lot of them when they premiered at midnight. Last night, I was a responsible adult-- in bed by midnight, but my students who went to see it have rave reviews.

Here are a few bits of news to take us into the weekend.

  • Oh, right... it's not just HUNGER GAMES weekend, there's also a little basketball going on. Congrats to U of L for busting my brackets (I had Izzo's team winning the whole thing) and making it into the Elite 8. Can you tell Roommate is out of town? 
  • Speaking of Roommate... Do you read Brandon Klayko's blog, Broken Sidewalk? You should. Goodness. I kind of think he's a little bit of a magic man... how else do you explain how someone has such a great Louisville blog without even LIVING here?? Today's post about facade loans to local businesses reveals an interesting move-- Highlands Tap Room is relocating to 1058 Bardstown Road-- that's right across from Arby's by Grinstead Road. Back when Roommate and I first moved to Louisville, the Taproom was our regular hangout.  But then it got to be a weird scene-- or we finally wised up to the weird scene it had always been. But still, it remains one of my favorite outdoor drinking spots in the city. Such great people-watching from their patio. I sure hope the new location recreates that patio space. (Oh my lordy, I just looked at their website. Do they really have karaoke four night's a week? That makes this move a little less interesting to me. Sorry folks, I am allergic to karaoke.)
  • Don't forget... Humana Festival is in full force. There are currently seven plays in rotation.  Check out my reviews of  four of the plays here.  I've seen six of the seven plays, and those remain the four plays not to miss.
  • A colleague of mine just bought the Dairy Kastle on Eastern Parkway. Sounds like he and his partner are doing it right.  Check out Michelle's reviews of the veggie chili dog here. 
  • Don't forget, THE MOTH is coming around again next week.  Last Tuesday of the month at Headliners at 8pm. This month's show is hosted by the lovely and talented Awesome Louisvillager, Gabe Bullard.  The topic: Resourcefulness
Have a lovely, lovely weekend, folks.  And may the odds ever be in your favor.

(Oh, I know. But I had to.)

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