Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hunter Gatherers @ The Victor Jory Theatre

I've been so busy lately with Meatspace Workplace things, that I've fallen behind on my blogging. Most notably, I've failed to mention that the October issue of The Louisville Paper is now on newsstands (well, mostly coffee shops and bookstores) and online. That includes my article on the absolutely delightful Mike Brooks of Theatre [502]. Page three, kiddos!  Mama's moving up in the world!

Once you read the article, you're going to want to go see Brook's directorial debut with Theatre [502], HUNTER GATHERERS by Peter Sinn Nachtieb, author of last year's Humana Fest's BOB. The show launches at the Victory Jory Theatre at Actors Theatre and runs October 14, 15, 17, 21, and 22.

From the Press Release:

Four friends come together to celebrate their shared wedding anniversary with dinner, wine and a hilarious and perhaps shocking journey into the human heart — nasty, brutish thing that it is.

Familiar concerns unveil themselves throughout the civilized event...until Richard decides to take the slow food movement to a new and brutal level, and Wendy reveals the lengths to which she’ll go to create offspring. The four are left to navigate the evening with whatever skills and strengths evolution has allowed them.

Hunter Gatherers features Sarah East, Joseph Hatfield, Eli Keel, and Leah Roberts.

HUNTER GATHERERS tickets are $15. Check out their website for details.


Pat said...

I, and two other subscriber friends, thought Bob was one of the worst plays we had ever seen at Actor's. this would have to be an improvement.

M said...

Oh no, Pat, really? I rather liked BOB. My (brief) review is here:

I'm wicked excited to see Hunter Gatherers. The synopsis is pretty entertaining. Hope you'll give it a shot!