Monday, October 24, 2011

Genealogy at Farmington Historic Home

The family legend is that some of my people came over on the boat AFTER the Mayflower. I don't know if there's any truth to that, but it sure plays into the idea that my people have been "missing the boat" for a dang long time. 

I have a big enough family that I've always kind of trusted that someone in the family has been doing the genealogy thing for us. Genealogy research is totally up my alley-- in fact, it's so up my alley that I've never wanted to dip my toes into that pond. I know once I start, it would be something I could get obsessed with.  

Next weekend at Farmington Historic Home, Deborah Andrew will be teaching Genealogy 101 from 10a-12p. So, if you've ever thought of dipping your toes into that pond, now's your chance.  According to an email from Ms. Andrew, the event sells out fast, and you need to get your $10 tickets in advance. Call 502-452-9920 to reserve your tickets. 

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