Friday, October 21, 2011

Highlands Festival... a mystery this year

I'm afraid, loyal readers, that I am batting zero trying to get you specifics on tomorrow's Original Highlands Art & Music Festival.

It's an event I love, and it's in my backyard (almost literally), but this year they've done a crap job of getting the information out there. The LEO had a blurb about it, but no times for the music lineup, which includes The Instruction and Alanna Fugate (and at risk of sounding all "get off my lawn-y:" when you google both of those performers the primary links are to MySpace... ugh, MySpace!  And there's no upcoming shows listed on their MySpace pages).

What I do know: The Festival runs from 11am -11pm. Baxter Ave will be blocked off from Highland Ave to either Christy or Breckenridge. There will be music and food vendors and lots of art vendors and usually a lot of community-oriented booths. Stuff for kids... everything you'd want for a good street fair.

The event is also associated with the 4K Tap 'N Run, which involves running and drinking and costumes.

Wish I could share more, friends. I hope that the lack of info out there this year doesn't bury the event for   the future.  And if you read this before the event and have info to share with me, email me or tweet me, and I will update this post!

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