Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Depp + Thompson + Columbia

Phew, now that the albatross of the 600th post is off my neck, here's something fun and frivolous:

Johnny Depp (KY native) + Hunter S. Thompson (Louisville native) + Columbia University (my Alma Mater) = Yay!

Monday, Johnny Depp showed the upcoming film RUM DIARY based on the last (quasi-autobiographical) novel of the late Hunter S. Thompson at the Columbia Journalism School.

From the Columbia Spectator:


Best quote:

For the final question of the panel, Lemann asked Depp if he would ever consider playing Thompson for a third time.  “Oh yeah,” Depp said. “I wake up with the bastard. He’s always there.”

I've seen several people ask about this on Twitter, but I haven't heard a response: is any theatre in Louisville doing anything special for the RUM DIARY premier?  If you know, drop a note my way.

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