Monday, October 17, 2011

#1 Reason to Love Louisville: Louisvillagers

A couple of weeks ago, I put out a call asking for people to join me for a shift answering phones at the Louisville Public Media fund drive.  And so many people responded that I had to turn people away!

Tonight Louisvillagers (or should I say "Loueyvillagers") Stephanie, Emily, and Janelle joined me at the studio, where we hung out with some other lovely volunteers and recorded pledges. One of the nicest things about answering phones for the fund drive is that just about everyone who calls is a Big Fan of public media. One of my jobs was proofreading the pledge sheets, and I loved reading the "comments" sections-- all these listeners who "can't live without" Duke in the morning or "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" or "All Things Considered..."

So thank you to Stephanie, Emily (who I met last time I volunteered at a pledge drive), and Janelle for being such good Louisvillagers.

But I tell you, some of my nearest and dearests here in Louisville work for Louisville Public Media, and I'm repeatedly convinced that the people who work there are some of the best people in the city. Tonight reaffirmed that belief.  So many nice people.

My great night volunteering was briefly marred by the fact that I left my phone behind when I left the studio. I realized it about halfway home and turned around, but by the time I got back to the studio, it was locked up tight and a ghost town. I came home a little pouty, knowing I'd have to find a way to nick out of work in the morning and battle downtown traffic to pick up the phone.

But I wasn't home twenty minutes when I came out of the bathroom and found Roommate holding my phone-- "Some nice guy named Kelly dropped this off for you."

I'm pretty sure that returning cell phones is not in the job description for the Volunteer Coordinator for Louisville Public Media.

Louisvillagers.  Man, you got to love them.

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