Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy #Geeksgiving! GO #teamtoothpaste

When I've been able to sneak a peek at the Twitters today, I am LOVING seeing the power of social media at work in Louisville.

On the very slim chance you read my blog and not Consuming Louisville... today is #Geeksgiving in Louisville.  And local computer and social media geeks have been invited by our mayor to participate in a day of on- and off-line service.

Michelle over at Consuming Louisville has been cheerleading a toothpaste drive for the Home of the Innocents. Help her out! Help them out! It's such an easy way to give. And if toothpaste isn't your thing (gosh, I hope it's everyone's thing), there are other items listed on the Home of the Innocents Amazon Wishlist.

Follow #Geeksgiving with the hashtag on Twitter and @michellej for more news on the toothpaste drive!  Go #teamtoothpaste!

(I'm honestly not sure there's a competition involved. I'm not able to check my Twitters all that often at the Meatspace Workplace. But if @michelle is #teamtoothpaste, then so am I.)

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Shiloh Walker said...

FYI... toothpaste should be EVERYBODY's thing.