Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walden's Shakespeare Festival

This is a bit late to the game, so I will be brief.

Y'all know I love me some Walden Theatre.  It's a treasure.  A local treasure.

This week, I've been to two of the three plays in their annual Shakespeare Festival, and I have been charmed and amused and thoroughly entertained.

Yesterday, I saw OTHELLO.  I know OTHELLO like the back of my hand.  I directed the play during the summer after my junior year at the Columbia Outdoor Shakespeare Festival in New York City.  Walden's production was spot on.  The highlight of the show was the young man who portrayed Iago, easily the most complicated character in all of Shakespeare's works.  Stunning work.  Excellent work by all the actors who portrayed leads, especially Roderigo, Emilia, and Othello.

Tonight I saw TWELFTH NIGHT.  This gender-bending comedy's comedy was made more comedic by the decision to cast only girls.  Hilarious.  Sometimes a bit over-the-top, but as an audience at Walden, it's important to always understand that Walden actors are still in training.  I like to see a young actor go for it BIG; time and training will teach him or her (her in this case-- several hers) to rein it in.  But this cast's Viola? Brilliant.  Gentle and subtle and funny as heck.

The third play is ANTONY & CLEOPATRA, which I may miss.  I'm bummed because I admire the director, Alec Volz.

This is the last week.  Go see a show or two. You won't be sorry. All plays are at the Victor Jory Theater at Actors Theatre.  Call the box office for tickets.

Othello dir. Charlie Sexton
May 14, 15 @ 2pm
May 17, 20, 22 @7:30pm
Twelfth Night dir. Barrett Cooper
May 13, 15, 18, 21 @7:30
May 22 @2pm
Antony & Cleopatra dir. Alec Volz
May 12, 14, 16, 19 @7:30
May 21 @ 2pm

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