Friday, May 27, 2011

Low Anthem at Headliners 6/4

Next Saturday one of my favorite bands is coming to Headliners, and the show is only TEN BUCKS!  If you're looking for a totally transcendant way to spend your June 4th, or you just like discovering beautiful music, I hope you'll join me at the Low Anthem show.

I first discovered Low Anthem (who hail from Providence RI, a mere 45 minutes from my hometown) when they opened for Lisa Hannigan at the 930 Listening Room back in 2009.  I loved Hannigan, but I was floored by the hymn-y, sea-chanty-y, Americana of Low Anthem.  The Avett Brothers and the Decemberists (who put on an amazing show at Iroquois Amphitheater last month) do something like what Low Anthem does, but I still think Low Anthem does it better.   

(PSA: that Lisa Hannigan/Low Anthem show was the first and only time I will ever darken the doorstep of the 930 Listening Room.  At the time of the concert, I did not know much about the 930-Sojourn Church connection. Sojourn is a conservative Christian organization cloaked in hipster, stylish, artsy, twentysomething chic. Vile anti-gay stuff going on there. I don't care if their next show features Leonard Cohen with Bono as an opening act, I won't go. You shouldn't either.)

Saw Low Anthem again at Bonnaroo 2009 in the middle of a middle of the night downpour.  Loads of Bonnaroo recaps I saw cited that show as one of the best of the festival. Huge and beautiful and quirky and sweet.  Love them.

I promise you, I don't blog mediocre music.  I'm not a huge music person in general, but when I get behind a band, you know they're off the charts (I tweeted relentlessly about Trombone Shorty at Headliners last month, and everyone who went had an ecstatic experience!).

Low Anthem
June 4, 9pm $10

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Jeremy said...

caught them at Bonnaroo. He messed up the second verse to Charlie Darwin, but other than that still one of the greatest bands playing today.