Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Harry Shearer brings THE BIG UNEASY to Village 8

As a rabid cheerleader for the city of Louisville, I sometimes feel a little bad that I still self-identify as a "New Orleans ex-pat." But I do. It'll be four more years before I've lived in Louisville as long as I lived in Louisiana, and I imagine it'll be a few more years after that before I consider dropping the ex-pat identity.  And frankly, maybe I never will.

But one of the many many things I love about Louisville is this: Louisville loves New Orleans.

So, it's appropriate-- and awesome-- that Village 8 is hosting an appearance by Harry Shearer and a screening of his documentary THE BIG UNEASY.

Shearer created THE BIG UNEASY in part due to the fact that the media and our politicians have perpetuated the myth that the New Orleans flood was a "natural disaster" caused by Katrina.  People will argue otherwise, but in Shearer's mind (and in my mind and in the minds of-- I'd venture to say-- MOST New Orleanians) and according to multiple independent investigations, the flood was a man-made disaster caused by design and construction flaws in the antiquated and insufficient levee systems.  The film goes on to investigate similar flawed levee systems protecting many other major American cities and their potential for failure.  Read Shearer's filmmaker's statements here.

THE BIG UNEASY has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and has been featured at and won awards at many of the most prestigious film festivals.  It plays at Village 8 from May 13-19, but Shearer himself will conduct a Q&A after the 7pm May 16 showing.  Tickets are a measly $5 and are on sale now.

Help me sell out this event, Louisvillagers! Let's show New Orleans how much Louisville loves her.  And let's prove that Louisville, unlike-- sigh-- the rest of the country it seems sometimes, hasn't forgotten the flood or the many people STILL suffering in New Orleans.

BTW: the website for the film features fantastic resources.  Check it out here.

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