Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer To-Do List: Lunch!

By the time I get from my digs in the Meatspace Workplace to the cafeteria, I have maybe twenty-five minutes to eat, if I hustle my buns down there. Now, one of the big benefits of my job is we have one of the best cafeterias in the city. Not only that but the lunch ladies and dudes are pretty much the nicest, friendliest, most fun people in the establishment. AND my lunch is free (or, it's part of my "yearly contract," I suppose. I get paid in lunch!). So this is not me bemoaning my workaday lunch situation, at all.

But one of the things I most look forward to each summer is the freedom to lunch at will!

A few places on my lunch list:

Speaking of "the nicest people," I just love the folks at Joe Davola's.  Yeah, I can't really stand Seinfeld, but I'll forgive them that.  Their prices are good.  Their portions are generous.  And their cream of mushroom soup is my favorite soup in the city.

My second favorite soup is a recent find.  The tomato dill soup at The Cafe is so good I went there every Saturday for a month just to have it (they're only open for lunch, and they're not open on Sundays).  What a funny and quirky place (and it's hard to find! Worst case scenario: park by Louisville Stoneware and just wander around by foot til you find it!).  It's eclectic flea-market decor reflects its past location in the old Louisville Antiques Mall on Broadway (RIP). They have a lovely patio where you can watch the trains going by overhead.  Definitely a place to stop on a cool afternoon.  And the cookies... yum!

Over at Consuming Louisville, Michelle recently blogged a couple of times about Please and Thank You on Market. I haven't checked it out yet, but it might be my first lunch stop this summer (hoping Michelle will join me and maybe treat me to a tour of ParkVu, HQ of Music WithMe). The reason I'm so hot to try this place is that they have very "me" lunch options, like grapes and cheese.

Believe it or not, even though I've blogged about Lil Cheezer's grilled cheese truck a couple of times and even hosted an awesome guest blog from the owner, Matt, I still haven't tried them out.  One night I did swing by to say hi, and Roommate had a great grilled cheese, but this summer I plan on making friends with Matt & crew.

Last time I went out with my lunching ladies, we went to the (at the time) newly-opened Ghyslain (another link to Consuming Louisville).  We were a big party, but the folks were super attentive and eager to answer questions.  The food was very good (next time, I'm going to have the Mediterranean plate, which looked phenomenal), and although I'm not a sweet-eater, I loved ogling their amazing desserts and chocolates selections. But mostly, I can't wait to return because I just want to move in there. It's gorgeous! There's something about the particular blue that their walls are painted that makes me want to bring a book and a blanket and order some coffee and just cuddle up for an afternoon (yes, I know that would be frowned upon). But you know what I will bring next time I go? My paint chip fan. So I can figure out just what the blue is... my living room needs painting.

Now I'm all excited and can't wait to get through the next week of being pretty much tied to the Meatspace Workplace cafeteria (although I will miss my lunch ladies and dudes over the summer!).  Lunch!  What a luxury! Want to lunch with me? Hit me up (or HMU, as the kids say)!

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Michelle said...

Yes to lunch and yes to tour of the Music WithMe offices. You say when and we'll make it happen.