Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday the 13th: Lucky if you Love Music (repost)

Lou's note: Feeling a little deja vu here?  Yeah, sorry.  During last week's Blogger blackout, somehow this blog post totally disappeared.  So I'm just posting it again after the fact.  Thank you so much to Laura Ellis who happened to have the post saved in her Google Reader.  I love Google Reader.  And I love Laura Ellis!  

By the way, the show was GREAT.  And I LOVE that it was great because it sucks when you have to lie to friends and say you enjoyed their music when you really didn't.  Seriously, I would go out of my way to see Alex Wright perform now even if he wasn't the husband of a friend.  :)

Clearly something is still "off" with Blogger because the formatting of this is way wonky.  Sorry, y'all.

I hate to repeat stuff that Michelle blogs about over at Consuming
Louisville because I figure if you're reading my blog, you're sure as
hell reading her blog, amirite?  But we like Alex, so I'm throwing in
a extra plug for the  Alex Wright CD Wrap Party at Zazoo's.

Alex is a singer-songwriter and all-around good guy (who has excellent
taste in women) who moved to Louisville from NYC a little while ago. I
heard his lovely voice at a house party he had for a
fellow-NYC-singer-songwriter (whose name escapes me right now), and
I've listened to the tracks available online.  Good stuff.  Here's his

Alex Wright grew up singing and playing music with his family ineastern Kentucky. He started performing in churches at the age of 4and continued to play music with friends and family into his teens inAppalachia. He learned to harmonize with anyone and to make up wordsif he forgot the real ones. From this early musical experience, hedeveloped a lifelong love and appreciation of many musical genres,from bluegrass to rock to opera. He began writing music in high schoolwith his first band and continued through the long dark years of hispostgraduate education, when his ability to perform music was limited.He moved to New York City in 2001. The long subway rides gave him thetime to think about music again and he began honing and performingsongs privately for friends and family. Family circumstances prompteda move to Louisville Kentucky in 2009. A chance meeting with DeweyKincade, a brilliant songwriter and performer, pointed him in thedirection of C.B Sound studio in Goshen, KY where he has happily madea second home. His debut album is due out in early 2011.

According to Alex's head cheerleader, "The show starts at 9pm with an
acoustic set by C.T. Robinson (from the band Bad Road Pony), then a
full band set from Alex around 10pm, followed by a full band set from
Dewey Kincade [who produced the album] with Alex on bass."

Alex's album is called FEELING THE PULL.  I've never been to Zazzoo's,
but it's not far from Frankfort & Lexington Aves (102 Bauer) and it's
a bar and grill that's open til 4am.

Hope to see you there!

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