Monday, August 20, 2012

NETSocial 2.0 Returns Tuesday 8/21

I have long professed my love of Twitter. It changed my life. Vastly improved it. Put me in touch with an amazing group of locals who share my loves and interests. They've become my "real life" friends, and my circle is ever-growing.

It also put me in touch with amazing people whom I probably would never have met under other circumstances. People who have become like family.

To whit: Richard Meadows, my Twitter Godfather. If you don't know @kycoffeeguy, you should. He's been a good friend and a big cheerleader for me. And he seems to have his fingers in a lot of fabulous puddings lately. So when he promotes an event, I am pretty sure it will be great. Unfortunately I can't make it (Ronnie Millsaps), but I'll let Richard's words explain what NETSocial 2.0 is.

Tuesday August 21 - 6:30 PM
Hometown Pizza - 4041 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40213 to look over their menu
They have a full bar and Falls City on draft.
RSVP - message on facebook or e-mail

NETSocials were started in the late 1990's and ran until the mid 2000's. Now it is time to pick them back up and get even more people involved in having some good food and using your technology to its fullest. The idea behind NETSocials was to meet other geeks and nerds, everyday computer users and new people, out side of work for some sustenance and cross pollinate ideas to make your user experience better. The reason to bring them back is there are so many more people now using technology who need that informal help. Get a simple question answered or show off an Easter Egg.

This is a BYOD and order your own food meeting. Bring a web site address to share with everyone. Bring you questions and there will be someone there who can answer it or point you in the right direction. Call up a friend and invite them to come with you.

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