Friday, August 24, 2012

Louisville Grind's Loueyville Lobstah Roll

Photo by Louisville Grind
This is Possibility City, indeed!

Never in a blue million years did I imagine that someday I would have a sandwich named after me (or my blog). I feel like a New Yorker who has just discovered that she's been immortalized on the menu at Carnegie Deli.

This weekend at the Douglass Loop Farmers' Market (8/25 from 10a-2p), the Louisville Grind Food Truck will be serving a limited number of  Loueyville Lobstah Rolls. A "limited number" minus one, that is. They're saving one for me.

The story:

Last March, the Louisville Grind Gourmet Burger Food Truck launched a successful Kickstarter campaign promising gourmet burgers, seasonal specials, and vegetarian items. I didn't know Liz & Jesse Huot, but I gladly backed it because... gourmet burgers, of course.

I've since met Liz & Jesse a number of times, and it turns out they're just lovely people. And the business seems to be doing great, serving delicious food out of a stylish truck. I smile every time I see them, whether I get to talk to Liz & Jesse or not.

Last week, @LouisvilleGrind posted on Twitter that at this Saturday's (August 25) Douglass Loop Farmers Market, they would be debuting a fabulous Maine lobster roll on a brioche. And my little New Englander heart just soared. I've been home twice this summer, but only when my grandmother was dying. Lobster rolls are such joyful food for me; I didn't feel like eating a lobster roll when I was so, so sad (although... in retrospect, it might have been a good idea to be good to myself like that). Anyway, this was looking to be the first summer of my thirty-mumble-mumble years that passed without me having at least one (or usually a dozen or more) lobster rolls.

But, purist that I am, I did tweet back to Grind that a true New England Lobster roll was served on a cheapo hot dog bun. Not the kind of buns you see around here. A true New England hot dog bun looks more like a folded piece of Wonder bread than a roll.

And a little while later, they tweeted back:

The rest is history. 

Thanks Liz & Jesse! I'm going to take lots of pictures of your menu and send them back to my New Englander family. I don't think any honor I've ever earned will impress them as much as getting my name on a lobster roll! 


Susan C. said...

If they find the right split-top hot dog rolls, it will surely be a lobstah miracle. This is so great. Enjoy!

jasonscs said...

Well done, Loueyville. Well done! Now if you can just get at least one Irish Pub in town to have Celtic rock on weekends (at least once a month?) instead of that awesome 80's DJ music, you will officially be 'schooling' this great city.