Monday, August 20, 2012

Kickstarter: Good Folk Fest

If you follow me on Twitter (@loueyville), you know that I am on a mission when it comes to Kickstarter projects.  I've backed several local Kickstarters. I can't give much... I'm on a limited budget these days. But when something really good-- and local-- pops up on Kickstarter, I am in.

As I said, I'm on a mission. And when I say that I am "in," it's conditional.  I will back your project on Kickstarter, if I believe in it. But I will NOT back your Kickstarter-- not even if you're my BFF or you have a project that I would likely champion--  if you've never backed anyone else.

Give a little. Get a little. It's just good karma.

I have been a fan of the Good Folk Fest for as long as I have lived here. I attend. I support. I buy stuff. I cheerlead.

But when Scott Scarboro, the high priest of the festival, posted a Kickstarter and encouraged me to contribute, I noticed that, despite I was already a fan, he had backed zero other projects. I emailed him with my concern. And less than 24 hours later, he'd backed another project.  And I immediately backed his. What an awesome response!

Good Folk Fest is a fantastic event, and I am proud to be a Kickstarter backer. If you've ever been, or think it sounds great, pledge a little money and help them meet their goal.

From the Kickstarter page:

Good Folk Fest is an event where new materials and techniques merge with older traditions and take on the forms of art and music. The term folk has been around for a while and has been used to describe all kinds of art and music. In the context of this festival, We are celebrating those people who might come to mind when you hear the word folk but bringing attention to those who have similar esthetics and passions, bringing to light the parallels in thought processes, craft and creating. How has the modern age determined the materials we use to express ourselves? Do crafting traditions still exist and are they being handed down to future generations?

Good Folk Fest is a three-day festival of contemporary folk art that will take place from November 2-4th, 2012. Good Folk Fest happened in 2006-2008 then had a break while we searched for another venue. This year marks the return of the festival which will be held for the first time at the The Kentucky Center for African American Heritage on the corner of 18th St. and Muhammad Ali Blvd. in Louisville, KY. It will feature over 80 visual artists and 24 performers.

The goal of this kickstarter campaign is to raise the funds needed to help cover the production cost of this event. These funds combined with income from artist booth fees and ticket sales will be used to advertise the event, venue rental, audio/video needs, staging, performer fees, commemorative shirt production etc. Our goal is to raise $4000 to cover our basic needs. Any money raised over this $4000 - and any money raised through ticket sales, once all expenses are covered will go towards securing the future of Good Folk Fest 2013.

This festival is on a shoestring budget. A grassroots project.
Every little bit helps. THANK YOU!

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