Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Behind-the-Scenes at Actors

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Actors Theatre Generation One Board. I am one of the Social Chairs (a little funny if you know me and know that I am not exactly a social butterfly), and I manage the GOBoard Twitter feed. You'll be hearing a lot from me about the GOBoard's activities. We're pushing hard to recruit new members this season. If you're young (we don't really have a cut-off age, but 45 or younger is the unofficial "young" -- woo hoo!) and you support Actors Theatre, we'd love to have you!

This Thursday, the Actors Theatre GO Board is hosting a behind-the-scenes tour/season kick-off party. Normally, only GO Board members would be invited, but I've been given permission to extend an invite to my lovely readers. We're especially hoping to attract potential new GO Board members... so if you're a "young" (who knows what that really means?) professional (ditto) who might be interested in joining our ranks, we'd love to see you at this event!

You can find more information on the GO Board here, including more information about the many benefits of membership. But in short, for a $50 yearly membership fee, you get reduced prices on tickets and ticket subscriptions and invitations to exclusive GO Board parties and educational events. And your membership fee helps support Actors Theatre and the Apprentice/Intern company.

Thursday's event kicks off with a welcome from the GO Board Presidents and a season preview by Artistic Director, Les Waters. We'll also be introduced to the current Apprentices. Behind-the-scenes tours with Actors insiders will be available all evening. And there will be a bar and appetizers by Upper Crust catering.

Come, come, come! It will be a ton of fun. I, personally, have never had a behind-the-scenes tour of Actors (despite the fact that I'm one of the people in charge of this event!).  Hope to see you there.  Did I mention it's FREE??

UPDATE: Whoops! I forgot the times... it's from 6pm-8pm in Actors Theatre Lobby!


The Baking Bride said...
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GoBananasBlog said...

What time does it start?

M said...

Oops! Sorry people... it starts at 6pm and should run until 8pm.

Derby City Lady Gourmet said...

This looks like a great opportunity. I just recently returned home from living abroad, and I would love to get back into the Arts community--Actors is doing great things this season!