Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Episode 3 of Louisville, Not Kentucky is up!

Look what we can do, Louisville!

Episode 3 of the "Louisville, Not Kentucky" podcast hosted by Linda Golden and me is now up on our Tumblr & on SoundCloud.  

In it we discuss:
And most importantly, the last five minutes were recorded live at the Kentucky State Fair.  The two of us and Awesome Louisvillager, Gabe Bullard,  spent eight hours traipsing around the fair... let me tell you, we did the fair right! So much fun. A conversation with Freddie Farm Bureau that gets into legalese. Sounds of the Nerveless Nocks stunt show. Linda checks out the biggest veggies. A show-stopper from the Civil War musical. Gabe & Linda brave eating fried Girl Scout cookies! And the world's loudest rooster (not really, that's hyperbole).

We have so much fun. We probably edited out 5 minutes of just us laughing at each other. Looking forward to Episode 4!

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