Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gunnar Does Louisville Proud on Project Runway

We recently lost Wil Heuser from BIG BROTHER. Despite not having watched BB since the first episode, I oddly managed to tune into the show RIGHT as Wil was being voted out of the house a couple of weeks ago. He made a graceful exit, and from what I've heard, he was a pretty good guy for the whole run.

But now Louisville Reality TV fans should shift their loyalties from #TEAMWIL to #TEAMGUNNAR.

This might be my least favorite season of PROJECT RUNWAY ever. I think I saw less drama in 13 years of teaching high school than I've seen in this season thus far.

Last week's episode was the worst ever as designer Ven Budhu verbally and emotionally abused his "normal-sized" model, Terry Herlihy and somehow didn't get "Auffed." Even though he was horrid to her! Even though he's more than a "normal-sized" man himself! Even though he made her look like a sad piece of hard candy. Dreadful.

I sure hope my boyfriend Tim Gunn doesn't hug him when he's eventually booted off the show.

Anyway... there's a Louisville connection. I was super glad to read this article where Terry says that Louisville designer, 22 year-old Gunnar Deatherage, defended her and looked after her. According to MSNBC:

"Gunnar actually stuck up for me, and he spoke to hair and makeup that day and explained to them what was going on," Herlihy revealed. Part of the challenge includes the designers telling the hair and makeup folks how they'd like their models to look. "(I understand that) they didn't really take Ven's directions of what he wanted my hair and makeup to be. So I'm very thankful for Gunnar. And that wasn't aired on the show, and I wish it was."

Gunnar was first cast on Season 9 of PROJECT RUNWAY, but was "auffed" in episode 1. He was brought back to Season 10 and is hanging tough this time around.

Thanks, Gunnar for making Louisville look good. We are some of the nicest people on earth, and I'm so happy to see that kindness on a national stage.

Good luck, Gunnar! I'm now #TeamGunnar all the way.


Julie Faulds said...

If this comment pops up twice- I apologize. I posted from my iPhone earlier and I think it ate it. Anyway- I love Project Runway and LOVE Tim Gunn. I agree with you 100%- I am underwhelmed with this season.

To the point at hand;I have been on a Gunnar roller coaster this season. I wanted to like him from the beginning, I really, really did. But then the drama sort of turned me off and I just wasn't feeling it. Then last week's episode popped up and put me back on #TeamGunnar. Ven was completely horrible. As someone who is of a size that I don't want to be, having someone like Ven working on/with me would be torture. I was literally cringing every time he opened his ignorant mouth. It was Gunnar's confessionals that brought me back to his side. He was so respectful of Terry and about all different sized women. With that, he won me back. I would put myself in his hands and not have the usual anxiety and panic that dressing rooms, mirrors, trying on clothes etc. evokes. Gunnar- if you read this: if you decide to do a "home town" show with a range of sizes, call me.

M said...

Thanks so much, Julie. I LOVE what you said. I've been lukewarm about Gunnar until the Ven thing myself. Until I read the article about how grateful Terry was to Gunnar, that episode make me consider swearing off my Project Runway habit entirely.

I hope Gunnar reads this and takes you up on your offer. He was so sweet to his model. I'm SO on #TeamGunnar from now on.