Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kentucky Wonderful: Will Russell's Amazing Dream

Man, I hate it when I'm late to the "great stuff is happening" train.  I especially hate it when that great stuff is something so totally up my alley that it's like it was dreamed up just for me.  Seriously.

Stuff like: Kentucky Wonders, the Cave City attraction in "scheming phase" helmed by Why Louisville's (and Lebowski Fest's) Will Russell.

I just spent some time browsing around the website.  My response?  Murmured expressions of amazement. A few little yips of glee.  And a general, "You've got to be kidding me. This place is like my spiritual home."

In brief (there's already been a great lengthy article in the LEO about it), Kentucky Wonders will be a road-side attraction of the old school Rock City/Weeki Wachee ilk.  According to the website it will feature:

- Kentucky Rushmore - A large structure featuring effigies of Kentucky icons looming over I-65 which will be the premiere attraction of Kentucky Wonders.
- Kentucky Wonders Amphitheater - An outdoor amphitheater for hosting festivals, live music, movie parties, plays, puppet shows and the like.
- Kentucky Dream Factory - An artist residency program studio and living space where artists will create installations on site in the tradition of roadside attractions and ultimately fill the land with a sea of amusements.
- Kentucky Haunted Museum of Oddities - Interactive dioramas created by artists themed around local legends such as Hillbilly Sasquatch, Kentucky Giant, Pope Lick Goat Monster and the like.
- Kentucky Wonders Campsite - An area for camping and recreation.
- WHY Kentucky - A gift shop with souvenirs designed by artists around the theme of Kentucky, Cave City and roadside attractions. 

Roadside attractions, and "oddities" in general (and that Discovery Channel show? how much do I love that?!), are a particular passion of mine. I collect snow globes for gosh's sakes. I interviewed Fairdale Bigfoot.  My college essay-- the one that got me into an Ivy League School-- was about how much I loved a book called, I think, "The Encyclopedia of Kitsch." I have a bust of Elvis and a two-foot plastic penguin in my living room (his name is Buckley). 

I want in, Will Russell. I just wish Cave City weren't so far away.

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Hopewellmom said...

This sounds great! I'm also a big fan of BIG kitsch. Here in the Hudson Valley, this proposed project, the Valley of the Giants, sounds similar in terms of ambition and vision:

--Traci from the "Go BIG or Go Home" travel blog