Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beckett X 2

My undergraduate degree program didn't allow you to concentrate on any particular facet of your major.  I mean, you could, but those concentrations wouldn't end up on any official documentation.  So I graduated with a vanilla English major, but my coursework was almost entirely in two concentrations: Creative Writing and Modern Irish Literature.

I remember reading WAITING FOR GODOT in high school and having no flipping idea what was going on.  My sophomore year in college, I took an entire class on Beckett and fell in love.

So I'm psyched that Savage Rose Theatre is putting up a production of two of Beckett's short plays: KRAPP'S LAST TAPE and HAPPY DAYS starting August 25 (here is the calendar, warning: it's a PDF).  I'm especially excited to see that one of my favorite local directors is directing my favorite of the two.  Alex Volz, who's directed some wonderful things for Walden Theatre, is directing KRAPP'S.

I don't believe I have seen any of Savage Rose's productions; I may have to rectify that by going to see this production.  It's at Walden's Nancy Niles Sexton stage.  Check out their website for more details.

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