Monday, August 15, 2011

Ten-Tucky Festival at Bard's Town

One of the many pieces of writing I may have lost forever when my laptop had a "kernel panic" and had to have the hard-drive wiped was a 10-minute play I'd been working on for a year.  It was Mary Roach's Packing for Mars meets HBO's In Treatment, and I was pretty psyched about it except that I couldn't figure out how one would do the whole zero-gravity thing on stage without it looking like a bad production of Peter Pan.

That's just to say that I love 10-minute plays.  I think plays that short really showcase the writers in a way that full plays can't.

The Bard's Town Theater is putting on The Ten-Tucky Plays next weekend and through the end of the month.  Eight plays from eight Kentucky playwrights directed by eight Kentucky directors.  The plays include:

Show dates (all at 7:30 PM): Aug 17, 18. 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27.

Plays include:

"Neighborly Do’s and Don’ts"
Written by Brian Walker
Directed by Brian Walker
Featuring Becky LeCron, Tad Chitwood

"The Intruder"
Written by Tom Kerrigan
Directed by Tom Kerrigan
Featuring Andrew Epstein, Brian Kennedy, Kimby Peterson

"The Internet President"
Written by Patrick Wensink
Directed by Jake Beamer
Featuring Ryan Watson, Kimby Peterson, John Tranchitella, Becky LeCron, Tad Chitwood, Brian Kennedy.

"Disappearances, or the Groom’s Shoes"
Written by Nadeem Zaman
Directed by Sara Renauer
Featuring Amy Steiger, Jake Beamer, Blair Boyd, Tad Timberlake

"Wedding for Godot"
Written by Andrew Epstein
Directed by Joey Arena
Featuring Andrew Epstein, Michael Roberts, Craig Nolan Highley, Jennifer Levine, John Tranchitella, Narina Kasabova

Written by Alex Lee Morse
Directed by Nadeem Zaman
Featuring Ryan Watson, Megan Brown

"Encounter at the Ink Spot"
Written by Nancy Gall-Clayton
Directed by Amy Steiger
Featuring Jennifer Levine, Nadeem Zaman

"Love Religiously"
Written by Doug Schutte
Directed by Scot Atkinson
Featuring Doug Schutte, Megan Brown, Tad Timberlake, Jesus

That last one, including Jesus, seems like a must-see. Check out the website for more details.  

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