Friday, August 12, 2011

A Prairie Home Companion this Weekend

I've already posted a blog about how very much I love Garrison Keillor, so I will spare you the fan-girl rhetoric now.  For a while I was a true groupie: traveled twice to St. Paul to see A Prairie Home Companion live, read all his books, yadda yadda.  Our shared love of PHC was one of the things that Roommate and I bonded about when we first met.

This weekend the summer tour of PHC hits Louisville.  Sunday at the Kentucky Center.  This won't be a PHC that will end up on the radio; it's just their summer touring event.

Keillor has said that he will be retiring within the next two years, so this may be the very last time the show hits Louisville.  I haven't bought my tickets yet, and they're super-pricey, but as a fan-girl I would be wicked sad if I let this show pass me by if he's calling it quits soon.

Keillor says he won't retire til he finds a replacement, and my wee noggin has been churning out possibilities ever since this announcement.  My vote is for Peter Sagal of "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me."  I love that man perhaps even more than I love Keillor.  What a way to breathe fresh, modern air into Prairie Home.  Just a thought...

There are still tickets available, and I'm sure to be grabbing one soon.  You can buy them here.

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