Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday Night Randomness: Summer is over, long live Summer

First real work day at the Meatspace Workplace.  It's a bit like childbirth, methinks.  While we're on vacation, we're programmed to forget how much effort and energy real work takes.  But then we adjust.  At least, I usually adjust.

Lots of good stuff going on in Louisville these days.

Of course, there's the fair.  I've yet to make it this year, but I'm sure I'll squeeze it in. While I'm not a big fan of fair food, which seems to be the main reason many of you go, I just like the whole "fair culture."  The booths, the livestock, the this year's clever take on "I'm With Stupid" t-shirts.  Didn't see much on the music line-up that spoke to me this year.

But that's okay because there are two shows this week I plan on attending.  Alex Wright is playing at Zazoo's on Thursday around 6pm.  This promises to be a special show; not only is it his 10th year wedding anniversary, but it sounds like his lovely wife has been coerced to sing a little too.  And on Friday, Awesome Louisvillager, Brigid Kaelin is playing her farewell (for now) show at the Monkey Wrench starting at 630p.  While we will sorely miss her, Edinburgh, Scotland is in for a treat for the next 15 months.  Read more about the show at Consuming Louisville.

And next week is Waterfront Wednesday.  And my birthday.

As the nights get cooler, Bats season is wrapping up.  My friends at Actors Theater tell me that this Friday, Dracula will be throwing out the first pitch. If you're not headed to Ms. Kaelin's show, I hope you get to see that!

Speaking of Actors, as Roommate said recently, it's very kind of Actors to start their season just as the Bats season wraps up.  SENSE & SENSIBILITY starts Tuesday, August 30.  I'll be sure to let you know what I think of the production after I see it on September 1.

So even though it's back to work for me, my social dance-card is still pretty full.  Clinging to the last few bits of summertime here.

Hope you are too.

(Have you seen Another Earth yet?  No?  Go, and then thank me.)

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