Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday, Louisville!

Whoa.  Longest week ever.  Mama's rewarding herself by getting the heck out of Dodge for the weekend and heading to Cincy for a couple of Reds games, a visit to IKEA (mmm... meatballs), and spree at Trader Joe's.  Woo hoo!  Actually, it's Roommate's b'day on Sunday (Katrina Day, poor Roommate) and mine on Tuesday (7pm Monkey Wrench if you wanna), so this is kind of a birthday trip.  Roommate has been obsessed with the Reds this year-- they're playing the best season they've had since I met him-- and lots of our former Bats buddies are doing great things for the team.  So, as I said, woo hoo, go Reds!  And happy birthday, Roomie.

But before I go, there's a lot of great stuff coming up in Louisville...
  • Why Louisville's The Kids are All Right contest ends on Tuesday (yeah, I know, they call it "Alright"-- I just can't get behind that).  So if you have a Mini You under the age of ten, break out the sketch book and the markers, and have them design a Louisville t-shirt.  Entries can be submitted at the store or online.
  • Zombie Attack.  August 29.  Always a good time. And, it's worth saying every year: as a member of the Katrina diaspora, I find the effect of hundreds (thousands?) of zombie wandering down the street on August 29... truly odd.
  • Michelle has all the details of the Frazier's attempt to break the Guinness World Record for number of pirates gathered in one place at the same time.  There are a LOT of details.  It's next Saturday, September 4, at 11:30am (don't pirates like to sleep late?).  This is an awesome thing; we should really make this happen.  But don't fudge it-- you HAVE to accessorize, people!  I only wish they'd waited til Talk Like A Pirate Day to pull this off (September 18).  
  • This weekend's midnight movie at the Baxter is Serenity. Oh Nathan Fillion, how oh how is it possible that you're single, and I'm single and...yeah.  Sigh.
  • Speaking of movies, this weekend wraps up the Hitchcock movie festival at the Palace Theater.  Friday is Psycho and Saturday is The Birds.  All shows at 8pm.
  • It's also the last weekend for the Kentucky State Fair-- see you there on Sunday.  I'll being the one playing the "should I or shouldn't I?" game with the donut burger.   

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Shiloh Walker said...

There was absolutely no 'should i or shouldn't i' on the donut burger for me.

some things just aren't meant to be mixed.

donuts and burgers, for me, are one of them.

I looked at the sign and shuddered. cringed. and tweeted away while I did it....