Thursday, August 23, 2007

The End is Nigh

Maybe nigh-er than you think...

When we moved to Louisville in July 2006, after 10 months of living in Post-Katrina New Orleans, we started to see bumper stickers on walls, trashcans, etc, announcing "8-29: The End is Nigh!"
A wee bit close to home, I have to say: 8-29 being the anniversary of Katrina's assault on my home of nearly a decade. Indeed, 8-29 was the "end" of a lot for me.

8-29 also happens to be Roommate's birthday-- poor thing. Cruelly, on 8-29-05, as we were glued to the Weather Channel and watched the waves pound the shores of our evacuation hotel in Panama City Beach, it took me until 3pm to remember to wish Roommate a Happy Birthday. (lie... he reminded me) I felt so badly that I cried. Of course, tears were readily available that day and for months afterward. I always thought it stunk that my birthday (8-31) is marred by the death of Princess Di. Big whoop now.

A few weeks later, the Louisville Zombie Attack graced the front page of the Leo Weekly, and we figured what better way to celebrate both Roommate's birthday and the one-year anniversary of Katrina than watching the living dead parade into a New Orleans-themed restaurant-- Big Dave's on Bardstown Road. The irony, folks, is almost ludicrous.

Abitas and crawfish were consumed. Zombies were observed. And a good, good time was had by all.

In the past year, we've met-- I daresay we've befriended-- the man behind the march, John King, a Louisville artist and bartender at Cahoots, who also shares the 8-29 birthday.

From the Zombie Attack MySpace page:

this year's zombie attack will be held at bearno's on bardstown rd. at 9pm. with ONE SMALL STEP, IAMIS, and BUFFALO BILL and zombie films presented by LOUISVILLE FILM SOCIETY. this party is FREE and ALL AGES. the zombie walk will be held at dusk (8:29pm) at the corner of bardstown rd. and eastern pkwy. we will meet in the parking lot behind objects of desire at 8:15pm and head north to bearno's. please dress up and bring your friends. prizes for HOT ZOMBIE, GROSS ZOMBIE, and KING and QUEEN ZOMBIE in our costume contest, including free movie rentals from wild and wooly video !!!MOVIE NIGHT:we will also be showing shuan of the dead and HOT FUZZ at FLOYD THEATRE at U of L on sat Aug 25th at 6 pm and Sun Aug.26th at 8:30 pm!! and it's FREE to everyone!!
Please note that this is a milestone for Lou, who has managed to blog an event BEFORE it actually happens!! We'll be there again this year. If you're looking for Lou, she'll be in a zombie costume.

Read the Leo Weekly article from 2006 here.

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