Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogging the heat

It's 11:28pm as I write this, and it's 87 degrees. Tomorrow the high is 101. On Tuesday, we had a lovely rainstorm that lasted the better part of the day; up until Tuesday, we'd been on a record-breaking streak of 22 days above 90 degrees-- on Tuesday we topped out at 88. But every day since has hit at least 92.

If we hit 100 tomorrow, that will make six 100+ degree days during a single month, which would tie a record set in 1936. And we'd still have a week left.

As I switched the laundry and unloaded the dishwasher, I spent around 15 minutes listening to our local NPR station-- an interview with our mayor, Jerry Abramson. Is it just me, or am I truly jaded at this point? But do any of you get the cold sweats whenever you start to dwell on a politician that you think is a really good person? I know, I'm from New Orleans; I can't be expected to take my local politicians at face value...

He made jokes about the heat. Promised that in a week or ten days we'd be free from the misery-- if his office had anything to say about it. Also clarified that the heat-related death that I mentioned in an earlier blog entry might not have been as heat-related as the media set forth. Talked about the new arena plans and suggested that he was not 100% on board with the design-- he's hoping for a public ice-skating rink and reflection pool in the plaza. Also talked about his visit to NYC, and how effective it was when it came to recruiting potential business to the city. Frankly, his visit sounded much more productive than any of the visits that the NOLA mayor Nagin had in the months following Katrina.

I just liked the guy. And that, in and of itself made me feel very... uncomfortable.

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