Saturday, August 21, 2010

Readers' Choice

Mama loves her some Project Runway.  I hate "reality television" in general, but I don't count Project Runway in that category.  Genuinely talented people under the gun (or Gunn, as it were)-- I love it.  But the most recent episode drove me bonkers.

In an effort to avoid spoilers for all you TiVoers out there, I'll keep this vague.  But this week, Designer X created a really pretty dress that I would love to wear and won the challenge, despite the fact that, to a person, his/her fellow designers poo-poohed the dress as "too easy" and a dress that "every teenager in Puerto Rico has in her closet."  When Designer X retired to the green room and declared him/herself the winner, he/she was met with golf claps, at best, as opposed to the usual uproarious applause.

I was raised better than that.  Big Mama Lou raised me to be a gracious loser.  I think being a gracious loser is the hallmark of someone with really excellent character.  This season on Project Runway... well, these designers weren't raised right, in my opinion.

So, years ago when I first started this blog I made a goal-- to one day be a runner-up for Leo Weekly's Reader's Choice awards for "Best Blog."  I know I can't ever be THE Best Blog in Louisville.  I don't update enough, for one thing.  And I only share stuff that interests me-- and that's kind of a narrow scope of Louisville stuff.  And let's face it, this city is home to some tremendously awesome blogs run by tremendously awesome people: Consuming Louisville, Page One, Ville Voice, the Edit... to name just a few.  So this goal is an uphill battle, my friends.

That being said (which was almost the motto of my blog before I decided on: "Neither here nor there"), I've seen so many restaurants/bars/venues/theaters/etc campaigning online this year, I figure this may be the year to start my OWN self-promotion campaign.

I've worked my buns off for Loueyville this year.  Not consistently, but passionately.  And when you read my blog, you get more than just information-- I hope-- you get a little piece of me with every post.  If you read and enjoy Loueyville on a regular basis, please vote for me as "Best Blog."  You can vote every day, as long as you vote for ten categories.  It's a fun process, really, and it makes you think about all of the things you love most about this wonderful city.

And I would like to think that the best thing about voting for Loueyville is that you KNOW I was raised right.  You know that I will NOT see my failure to be included on the list as a sleight to my ego.  You know that I will not "golf clap" when people as wonderful as Michelle from Consuming Louisville or Jake from Page One and Ville Voice trounce my ass.  I will celebrate them and their work as deserving and fabulous.

But gosh, I would love to be a bridesmaid if I can't be the bride.  Even that bridesmaid that your mama made you include even though you're not very close but you're family and family should be in the wedding party.

So... please vote for me for "Best Blog."  If you're so inclined, and all that...

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