Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's the Shizz, not the John Wall Dance

Last week, LeShawn Talbert, known to his friends as "Sugar Shizz," was shot while sitting in his car in Okolona.  He was pronounced dead three days later.

According to local lore, Talbert was the originator of "The Shizz," dance moves which became popular in Louisville in 2009.  "The Shizz" inspired Kenzo, a local rapper, to record "Do the Shizz" and later inspired the even more popular "John Wall Dance."

Even though John Wall admits his dance is just a modified Shizz, typing "John Wall Dance" into the Googles or You Tubes yields about a bazillion more hits than "The Shizz" or "Do the Shizz."  Shame that.

Talbert will be laid to rest tomorrow.  Do a little neck-poppy, fist-pumpy dance-y thing in his honor.  And let's try to get back to calling it "The Shizz," huh?

1 comment:

mr. palmz said...

i feel u on tht note. shout-out 2 the man himself; may ur journey b a pleasant my bro. r.i.p. shizz